Play YouTube Video in Background on iOS. (Siri Shortcut)

Play YouTube Video on Background on iOS

YouTube is the most widely used video sharing and streaming platform. You can watch user-generated and corporate videos on YouTube. YouTube runs mainly on an advertisement based business model. Though recently, YouTube has introduced it’s premium subscription plans. Apart from ad-free experience, YT Premium also provides background playback options. So, if without a premium plan, you minimize the YouTube app, or, turn off your iPhone or iPad display. Then, YouTube will immediately pause the playback.

In Android, there are lots of ways to play YouTube videos in the background. Like, you can use YouTube Vanced, NewPipe like Apps. But, in iOS, only one method work. That you might know. You have to open a YouTube video in desktop mode on Safari/Chrome. And, you can control playback from the control center. But, some users are reporting that, in iOS 13, it doesn’t work anymore.

Well, If for background playback you’re inclined to pay for YouTube premium. Then, you can use a Siri shortcut for it. And, with this Shortcut, you will able to play YouTube videos in the background on iPad and iPhone.

Play YouTube Video in Background on iOS. (iPhone/iPad)

iOS and the iPad OS comes with a Shortcuts App (previously called Workflow). It is designed to run complicated tasks with one click. You can add pre-made or custom shortcuts in the App. Shortcuts help to perform specific tasks. And, can combine multiple actions into one task. Well, we are going to use a third-party YouTube++ shortcut. That is designed by RoutineHub user @seththiusenl’s.

With YouTube++ Shortcut, you can play YouTube videos in the background from the official iOS YouTube App. Apart from that, it gives the option to download YouTube videos and audio. The shortcuts also work with VLC App. Also, it blocks YouTube video Ads.

1. Open this YouTube++ Shortcut link. Shortcuts App will get open and the “Add Shortcut” popup screen will appear. Scroll down a little and you will see the “Add Untrusted Shortcut” option, tap on it.Add YouTube ++ Untrusted Shortcut

2. Once, YouTube++ shortcut gets added in Shortcuts App. Install the Scriptable App from the App store.Scriptable App

3. Now, Open YouTube App, Play a video. And, tap on Share > More. (Scroll to the far right.)Share - Tap on More

4. Scroll down and select YouTube++ from the list of actions.Share video on YouTube++

5. You will now get multiple options from YouTube++ Shortcuts. Tap on “Background Play”.YouTube++ Siri Shortcut - Background Play

6. YouTube++ Shortcut will now ask for some permission, tap on ok. Once it finishes, the video will get open in safari.

7. Tap on the video to play. And, go back to the home screen or turn off the device screen. In both cases, the video will get paused.Play YouTube++ - Play YouTube Video in Background

You can resume the video from the control center. Or, you can do the same from the playback appears on the lock screen.

That’s it so that’s how you can enjoy listening podcasts or songs from YouTube App in background. Well, this method is not that great. Because you have to close the safari tab every time to play a new video. Else, it won’t load a new video. And, as of now, it doesn’t work with the playlist. What your thoughts on this Shortcut or method, do share in the comment section.