How to fix PUBG network lag detected Error. (SOLVED)

PUBG network lag detected

Last week, I bought the PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) game from Steam. But after downloading and installing 14 GB of games files, I was unable to play the game. Because of “PUBG network lag detected” Error. And, this error not comes only once, Error comes continuously. And, it makes the game unplayable. I had tried multiple solutions to fix this error. And, after trying a couple of solutions, I was able to solve this error.

If you’re also facing the same “network lag detected” error. Then follow this article, I will try to mention all the possible solutions. Before, trying out some solutions to fix this error. First, you need to make sure, that your PC meets minimum requirements.

PUBG Game Requirements.

  • 64 Bit Operating System. (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)
  • Intel Core i3 or i5 for better performance.
  • Minimum 2 GB NVIDIA or AMD Graphics Card.
  • Minimum 8 GB RAM.
  • 30 GB available space.
  • Broadband Internet connection.

Fix “PUBG network lag detected”.

Solution: 1 Use LAN Cable Instead of Wireless Connection.

If you are using a Wireless modem or created a wireless connection using the router. Then, this could be the main reason behind “Network lag detected PUBG”. To play PUBG without any error, you need to connect your PC or Laptop using LAN Connection. And, if you own an unlimited internet plan, and good broadband connection. Then, this error will never come again, after using LAN Cable.

Solution: 2 Disable Windows Firewall. (temporarily)

I don’t recommend disabling Windows Firewall. But, many Gamers are telling that, after disabling the firewall, the error got completely vanished. So, it’s worth disabling the firewall temporarily, to find out the exact issue. If you don’t know, the Windows firewall protects the computer by preventing unauthorized access through the network. In Windows 10, It’s known as “Windows Defender Firewall”.

  • To Disable Windows Defender Firewall, First, Open Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall > Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off > Select turn off button > Click on “OK”.Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall

If you want to know more, then you can read my article on “Windows 10 firewall settings“. And, If “PUBG network lag detected” error still coming. I mean, after disabling the firewall. Then, the issue is not with firewall settings. So, you can enable the firewall again.

Solution: 3 Update network driver.

If you own a good broadband connection but still network lag sometimes. Then, the problem could be with your network drivers. If you’re using the latest version of Windows, but an older version of network drivers. Then, outdated drivers create problems, which leads to the “Network Lag Detected” error in PUBG.

  • To update network driver, first open device manager. (Right Click on the Windows icon and then click on “Device Manager”.)
  • In the device manager, Expand the “Network Adaptors” option.

Update Network Driver

  • If you’re using a WiFi connection, then right-click on WiFi Adaptor. And then select the update driver option. After that, you can search online for that driver. Or, If you have a driver file on your computer, then you can use the “Browse my Computer” option.

Solution: 4 Run the Game on Lower Settings.

I can understand, You have a Good Computer, which can run a Game on Maximum Settings. But, In online multiplayer Game, on the maximum settings you play. A more good internet connection required. And if you still think, that you have a good internet connection. But still “PUBG network lag detected” error occurs. Then, you need to definitely try this solution, and probably this solution will exterminate this error.

First, Launch PUBG Game, And, then open Settings. In Graphics Settings, you just need to make three changes. Which you can also see in the given screenshot.PUBG minimum graphics Settings

  • Display Mode – Full Screen.
  • Resolution – 1280 X 720.
  • Overall Quality – Medium. (If you set low, then you will not able to see enemies.)

Solution: 5 Monitor and Restrict Background Apps.

It could be possible that in the background other apps or software are using your internet connection. Or, maybe in Steam Software, some other games are getting the download. You can use “NetWorx Software” in Windows to find out. This software shows real-time internet activity. So, First close PUBG Game. Now, check that software is showing some network activity or not. Alternatively, you can use the task manager. To check which service or software is using your internet connection. And, with the task manager, you can restrict services, which are using a lot of Internet.

Solution: 6 Renew IP Address.

If after trying all the above solutions, you’re still facing the same “PUBG network lag detected” error. Then, you can try this solution. PUBG is a popular PC Game, and game servers always get overcrowded with players. And, it leads to network lags and connection issues. If you want to reduce network lags, then you can use this solution to switch the ports.

First, open the command prompt (Admin), and then, type these following commands and then press enter. (You can also use Windows PowerShell (Admin).)

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh int ip reset reset.lo

netsh winsock reset

Which solution worked for me?.

& Summing – Up. (network lag detected PUBG)

Still, there are many solutions, which you can try to fix this network lag in PUBG. But, those solutions will waste your time. Personally, I was facing this error every minute. After changing graphics settings to lower. This error was completely gone. Also, I was using the Wireless connection. So, I switched it with a LAN connection. And, now I can play PUBG without any issue. So, I suggest you try these solutions.