How to Remap Google Assistant gesture to open any App.

How to Remap Google Assistant gesture to open any App

Undoubtedly, in the past few years, Google Assistant, evolved a lot in terms of features and smart replies. And, in many things, it is better than Apple’s Siri. In Android 10, by long press ‘home’ button, or by swiping up from the bottom edge, you can open Google Assistant. However, If you don’t use Google Assistant quite often then the button/gesture to open it is getting wasted. Well, not anymore, now with the “App Launcher Assistant” App, you can remap the Google Assistant gesture, to open any App.

Remap Google Assistant gesture to open any App.

App Launcher Assistant.

App Launcher Assistant is an open-source Android app that lets the user, to launch any Apps with the smartphone’s assistant button/gesture. The App register itself as an Assist App. And, it let you select any App to open. By that, when you invoke the Google Assistant button/gesture, it triggers the “App Launcher Assistant” App. After it, the launcher Assistant passes the instruction to custom selected App, and the App gets open.


1. First, Install the “App Launcher Assistant” App from Google Play Store. Open the App, and it will prompt you to choose it, as the Assist App in settings. So to do that, tap on “Open Settings”.Setup App Launcher Assistant Open Settings

2. Assist & voice input settings page will get open. Tap on Assist App. You can notice that Google is already selected by default as the Assist App.Assist & Voice input

Select “App Launcher Assistant” App, tap on “ok”.Assist App - App Launcher Assistant

3. Now, go back to the App launcher Assistant App, and select your favorite App from the list of installed applications. You can select the App that you use quite often. For instance, I want to launch “Greenify” instead of the Assistant App. Hence, I selected that.Remap Google Assistant gesture to open any App

That’s it, so now whenever I invoke the Google Assistant button or gesture, Greenify App will launch.

Important: One thing you need to know that, once you do remap Google Assistant gesture to open any App. “OK, Google” will not work. By that I mean, there will no way will be left to activate the assistant. So, if you don’t use Google Assistant, then this App is for you. Though, if you’re Samsung or pixel user, then with Active Edge and Bixby button you can open Google Assistant.

Wireless Earphone or Headphone that is Google Assistant-enabled will still able to trigger the assistant App.

For example, I use Oppo Enco W31, and it let me trigger Assistant by tapping 3 times on it. So even, after remapping Google Assistant gesture, still I can access it via my earbuds.