SOLVED – Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 BSOD Error.

Fix System Service Exception Windows 10

While writing about “System thread exception not handled” problem. I found one more similar BSOD error, which most of the Windows users are facing. That is “System Service Exception Windows 10”. Though, I found tons of guide related to this Blue Screen of Death Error. But, surprisingly, those tech blogs don’t even know real cause behind this problem. And, they are telling visitors some useless solutions, which will not work. If you’re facing this problem again and again. Then, this article is gonna helpful for you.

What is System Service Exception?.

This error mainly occurs, when, a Windows Service got affected by some malware. Or, maybe due to some changes are done by you, important services are misbehaving. Also, if system files or display driver files are corrupted, then also this problem occurs. Though, this BSOD error occurs due to multiple reasons. That’s why there isn’t any exact solution available for this problem. Most of the users started facing this problem after updating Windows. Or while using some third party software.

With this error, users also able to see the file name, which is causing the error. If you know the file name, then easily you can fix this error. By changing that file name, or by removing software associated with that affected file. I can understand, you’re not interested in knowing the story behind this error. So, let’s quickly move towards some working solutions.

Fix System Service Exception Windows 10.

Solution: 1 Uninstall Recently Installed Software.

Software conflicts can be the main reason behind “System Service Exception Windows 10” Error. One of Windows user was facing exact same BSOD error. And, after checking minidump folder. He found that due to Malwarebytes and avast conflict this error is occurring. And, after uninstalling both programs this error got resolved. If you have also install any third party antivirus program. Then uninstall it first, and hopefully, the error will get resolved.

Solution: 2 Perform a Clean boot.

BSOD Error “System_Service_Exception” indicates that it’s coming due to some services. When we start Windows normally, many services and applications start automatically. These services include some important services, antivirus program and other software installed by you. And, sometimes that software and services create conflicts. If you’re facing this error, after few minutes of starting the Computer. Then, this solution will help you to get rid of this error.

1. To Perform Clean boot in Windows 10, Press Windows + r key simultaneously.

  • Type msconfig and press enter.

2. In the General section, Choose “Selective Startup”. And, then unmark or clear “Load System Services” option.

Perform a clean boot

3. After that, click on services tab, and then select “hide all Microsoft services”.

  • And then click on “Disable All” Option.Hide all microsoft services
  • This option will disable all third-party services, except Microsoft services.

4. Now, go to the startup tab, and then click on “Open Task Manager”.

  • In Startup Window of task manager. Right Click on each startup service, then click on “Disable”.
  • After that go back to system configuration Window, click on OK.

Now, restart your Computer, and this time “System Service Exception Windows 10” error will not occurs. But, if still, this error coming, then the problem is with some system files.

Solution: 3 Run SFC and DISM Scan.

If the Clean boot doesn’t solve this BSOD error. Then, the problem is with the system files. Windows comes with a built-in tool called “System File Checker”. That do check for corrupted and missing system files. And, if “System Service Exception Windows 10” error is coming due to some corrupted system files. Then, SFC Scan will fix it for you.

1. To Perform an SFC scan, you need to open the command prompt (Admin). Though Windows 10 comes with Windows Powershell, you can use it.

  • Press Windows + X key and then click on “Windows PowerShell (Admin).

2. In Windows PowerShell or CMD, type the following command and press enter.

sfc /scannow

SFC Scan

This process will take time, don’t close Window while running the process.

Note: If your BSOD error interrupts this process, then boot Computer into the safe mode.

If the SFC Scan doesn’t work due to any of reasons. Then, you can use DISM Command. Disk Image Servicing and management is known as DISM. In older version of Windows, Microsoft offered a different tool called “System Update Readiness Tool”. Let’s not get into that, this tool is gonna helpful to repair underlying system image files.

  • First, open Windows Powershell (Admin) or Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Type the following command, and hit the enter button.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


  • Now, just wait for the process to get complete. Hopefully, now your problem will get resolved.

Solution: 4 Run Windows BSOD Troubleshooter.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has added built-in troubleshooter for specific Windows issues. And, the best thing is, there is a built-in troubleshooter, for blue screen errors available. This troubleshooter will automatically read minidump files. And, then does find out and fix the problem.

To run “Blue Screen Troubleshooter”, first open Settings App in Windows 10. (Press Windows + I key simultaneously)

Go to ‘Update & Security’ > Troubleshoot.

Under ‘Find and fix other problems’, first, click on ‘Blue Screen. Then click on “Run the troubleshooter”.Blue Screen Troubleshooter

Now, wait, and troubleshooter will start detecting problems. And, Will fix it, if its able to find out.

Solution: 5 Update Graphics Driver.

According to Microsoft official forum, this error is related to Graphics Driver. If you’re using outdated Graphics Driver. Or, your graphics driver is corrupted. Then, this could be the reason behind “Sytem_Service_Exception” error. First, boot your Computer is in safe mode. If the error is coming continuously.

There are two ways to update Graphics Driver. You can update the driver using device manager. Or, if you know your graphics card model number. Then, you can visit manufacturer site and can download driver file. And, after that, you can install it manually.

  • To open device manager, press Windows + R key. Run Window will get open. Type devmgmt.msc and then press enter.
  • In device manager, expand display adaptors section. And, then right click on the model number of your Graphics card. Click on “Update Driver”.Update Graphics Driver - NVIDIA
  • Now, follow the instructions appear on the screen to update Graphics Driver.

That’s it, these are the only working solution related to this BSOD error. If you know the exact file name of this problem. Then, just rename it. Though, Clean boot and SFC / DISM scan are enough to solve this Error. But, still, I suggest you try all solutions. If after trying all these solutions, you’re facing error continuously. Then, feel free to comment.