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Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker Alternatives – After, TheWatchSeries site, Putlocker is the most controversial site. According to Wikipedia, this site was listed in, top 250, “most visited site”, in 2016. That means the millions of users, every day was opening this site. Site owner changed Putlocker domain name many times. And, got domain suspended always. If you’re the one who liked to Watch TV Shows and Movies on this site. Then, you need to know, that original domain of site is shut down now. Though, you can find out multiple sites with the same name. But, those sites contain some malicious code and annoying ads. Also, those sites aren’t using “https protocol”. That clearly indicates that those sites aren’t safe.

Putlocker site was famous, because, the site was providing free movies and TV Shows. So, In this article, I am going to tell you about some Putlocker Alternative. Though, I am also going to mention some paid source. Because, sites like Putlocker, doesn’t have permission to show premium content. But, these sites are providing free movies and TV Shows in illegal ways. That’s why these sites get banned.

Note: Due to some security reasons, I am not able to provide sites link. So, I suggest you search for these sites.

Putlocker Alternatives.


If you already knew about this site. But not using it, because you need to pay for it. Then, you can skip this suggestion. Though, Netflix streaming service offers 30 days trial. You can claim a free trial using your card details. And, can cancel the subscription anytime. But, if you start using it, you will never think to visit sites like Putlocker. Netflix offers tons of the latest Movies and TV Shows. And, also you can watch many Netflix Originals Series like House of Cards, Iron Fist, Orange is the new black and many more.Netflix

Netflix offers movies in multiple genres. And, with some “Netflix Secret Codes“, you can reveal some hidden categories. Overall, if you want to watch some premium and worthy content. Then, not any other site can beat Netflix. Netflix is available for almost every platform. And, with the premium plan of Netflix, 4 people can watch from different devices.

Amazon Prime Video.

Instead of Putlocker Alternatives, we can call it Netflix Alternative. Because, this service is also paid, but offers tons of good content to watch. Even, nowadays, many latest movies first come on Amazon Prime video. Amazon Prime comes at an affordable price. Like Netflix Originals, Amazon nowadays releasing many Prime Original Series. TV Series like Supernatural, Lethal Weapon, suits, marvel’s runaways available on Prime Video. Even, you can watch “Mr. Robot” TV Show, which has been removed from Netflix.Prime Video

Like Netflix, In Amazon Prime, there is kids section. Where kids can enjoy tons of good cartoon. Last year, Amazon released an X-ray for movies. This is a Kindle feature, which uses IMDb, and shows movies cast information.

If you’re confused between these two streaming services. Then, I suggest you read mine article on “Netflix vs Amazon Prime“.

IMPORTANT – Like Putlocker, some of its alternatives sites are also got banned. I am talking about solar movies, FMovies, GoMovies. And, there are some mirror sites available for these sites. But, those site contains annoying ads and malware. So, I don’t recommend to visit on these sites. Instead of sites, I am going to tell you about a few Apps. Which can be Putlocker alternatives, because these Apps offers Free Movies and TV Shows. These Apps aren’t available on Play Store. But, you can get these Apps, by searching for it. Also, you can install these Apps, on your smart TV.

Terrarium TV App.

There is not any TV Series, which you can’t find out on this App. This App comes with the largest directory of latest movies and TV Shows. If you can’t afford streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Then, this App is for you. Because, In this App, there is a drop-down menu. From that menu, you can select from Netflix List, Amazon List, Hulu List and YouTube List.Download Free Movies - Terrarium TV

The app comes with TV Calander section, which is quite helpful to track TV Shows. The best part is, after installing the App. App asks you to choose from the different multimedia player. And, MX Player and VLC Player option available. You can download Movies and TV Shows in multiple quality. App also shows the video file size. And, you don’t need to download subtitles from the third-party source. App offers subtitle for every video you play.

Showbox App.

If due to any reason, you don’t find above App useful. Then, you need to try out this App once. This App can be one of Putlocker Alternatives. Because App offers Movies and TV Shows in full HD quality. This App shows seeds count with video files. If the video has many seeds, then you can watch the video without buffering. But if seeds count is 0, then the video will not get the start.Download Free Movies - Show Box

The app does provide a download option, so you can watch videos later. In App, there is a new releases section. Which shows recently released movies and TV Show episode. When you open this App, the App will show you trending news. To jump into the movies section you need to tap on the “hamburger icon”. The app doesn’t contain annoying Ads, which makes it the best App.

That’s it. these are the sites and Apps, which can be Putlocker alternatives. If you’re wondering, why these Apps not available on Play Store. Then, the answer is pretty simple. These two Apps offers free content to Watch. And, Play store is google’s property. These Apps easily can get banned from the Play Store. That’s why you can download these App from its official site only.