Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video – Which Streaming Service is Better?

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

Video Streaming services are now a vital part of our daily lives. Since fiber broadband service is growing faster. Because of this, Normal TVs are being replaced with Smart TVs. There are so many streaming services available to Watch Series Online. And, undoubtedly, nowadays video streaming sites offer better TV Series and Movies rather than regular TV Shows. On the internet, There are dozens of Free and Paid video streaming services available. And it’s hard to decide which streaming service you should subscribe to.

There are mainly two streaming service giants available. Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both services offer high-rated IMDb Movies and TV Shows. And, even both services produce their TV Shows and Movies.

So, if you’re confused between Netflix and Amazon Prime. Then read this article to find out which service is worth your money. I have been using both services for more than a month, that’s why am going to compare both services. And then you can decide which one is the right service for you. So, here is our Netflix vs. Prime Video comparison.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

Trial and Pricing

Both services keep changing their plans every year. Even, in some countries Prime Video and Netflix subscription is quite cheap. That is because of content availability in that region. I am comparing US Plans here.

Netflix Plans

Netflix does offer three plans.

  1. Standard with ads $6.99 – With this plan, you can watch Netflix Content in 1080p resolution, but with ads. You can watch on any device but you cannot download content.
  2. Standard $15.49 – This plan is great value for money. You can watch Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries in 1080p resolution, without ads. Yes, you can download Netflix content to Watch Later.
  3. Premium – If you have a 4K Smart TV. Then, this plan is best for you. Since you can watch content in 4K+HDR. And, you can download content as well.

Netflix Plans in USA

Prime Video Plans

Prime Video doesn’t have too many plans like Netflix. But, Prime Video does offer 30 30-day free trial in almost every country. So, you can try Prime Video for 30 days completely free. And, if you’re a student, then Prime Video will cost you 50% Off. And, qualified government assistance, costs less. Prime Video subscription also offers Amazon Prime subscription. This means you get Free delivery on Amazon products.

  1. Prime Monthly $14.99
  2. Prime Annual $139

Amazon Prime Video Plans


After seeing the Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video plans details. Maybe you might be confused about which is better, as per plans.

Let’s make it simple – Do you shop online? Yeah, I know everyone does, but specifically if you use Amazon for online shopping. Then you should buy Amazon Prime (Monthly or Annual Plan). Because apart from TV Shows and Movies it offers many other services. As you can see Amazon Prime Video plans are cheaper than Netflix Premium Plan.

But, If you don’t shop online much and you just want to watch awesome TV Shows and Movies. Then don’t think too much just go with Netflix.

Supported Devices

After Pricing, the next thing that comes is supported devices. If your device isn’t supported by these two services then there isn’t any point in buying any of them. Are you using a Computer or a laptop only? Then you don’t need to worry about supported devices. Because you can stream any video service using the web browser of any device.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Supported Devices

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video supported devices – You can connect to Netflix using streaming media players (Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast), Smart TVs ( Hisense, Philips, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, and Sharp), Game console (Xbox 360 and one, PS3, PS4, and PS5), Set-top boxes, Blu-ray Players and Android iOS and Windows devices.

Amazon video is available on Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, Game Console (PS, Xbox, and Wii), and Android, and iOS devices.


As you can see Netflix is available on many devices in comparison to Amazon Prime Video. Now you can decide which one is the right choice for you, and which service support or available on your device.

Interface and options (App and Site)

Note: I am using Amazon Prime Video and Netflix on my laptop and Android device. I don’t know about other streaming device interfaces.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video Interface Comparison.

Kids Section

The best thing about Netflix is – when you open the Netflix site it asks you to choose between two options. If you have kids then you can select the kids option and it will show you kids-related content (Cartoon). Yes, Prime Video also offers a kids section which you can access from categories.

Netflix Kids Option

Series Cast Information (IMDB X-Ray)

One thing I found interesting in the Prime video is when you watch Amazon’s Original TV Shows. It shows real-time characters (Actors) original names. It is helpful for those who like to find out about the cast of TV Shows. It was a Kindle feature, and now it comes with Amazon Prime videos.

Amazon Prime Video - IMDB X-Ray

Continue Watching Option

Both Prime Video and Netflix offer a Continue Watching Option. This means you can watch TV Shows and Movies from where you left watching. But Netflix shows the list of shows and movies on the home screen that you left watching. But in Prime Video you need to search or navigate to that show. That’s why Netflix’s interface is better in comparison to Prime Video.Netflix Continue Watching

Search Feature

Both Apps have search options but Netflix App has a better option. When you tap on the search button, It shows search terms like – Netflix Originals, TV, Action, Horror, Drama, Music, International, and much more. Many times, Prime Video doesn’t show what you’re looking for. So yes, Netflix has better search section.

Amazon prime video vs. Netflix Search Option


In comparison to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix has a large list of categories or genres. Both Apps doesn’t come with a category menu, But the Netflix site has one that allows choosing movies and TV Shows.

Note There are some hidden categories available on Netflix – Which you can access using Netflix Secret Codes.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video Interface Conclusion

The user interface of both Prime Video and Netflix App is almost identical. But few good features or user-friendly options like category and Continue Watching option make Netflix better. But Amazon Prime video also has some good features like real-time cast information. Now it’s up to you what things you like. And still, if you’re confused then sign up for the 30-day trial of both services. And, then you can decide which interface is better for you.

Download Option

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video sites don’t have any option to download TV Shows and Movies. But Both app comes with the option to download TV Shows and Movies in high to low quality.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video Download Quality

But Amazon Prime Video App comes with four options – Data saver, Good, Better, and Best. Also, it shows how much storage one hour of video will use. So clearly in the Netflix vs. Amazon download option comparison Prime Video App is best. Because if you’re using a slow internet connection, Still you can enjoy prime videos. Yes, you can also Change Prime Video Download Location on Windows Computer.

Video Quality and Video Player

Like, Download Quality Amazon Prime Video provides four different video quality. You can set it according to your internet connection. But Netflix doesn’t allow to switch between video quality, It automatically adjusts according to the internet connection. One thing I noticed while playing Netflix and Amazon Prime video. Amazon Prime Videos load faster and start playing when you tap on the play. But Netflix video takes around 10-20 seconds to load, which is sometimes annoying. However, it completely depends on Internet Speed.

But the Netflix video player allows skipping the intro part of TV Shows which is a good option. Both video players come with a subtitles option, which allows one to enable or disable Pre-loaded subtitles. Overall, Both video player is good enough to play videos on a slow internet connection and comes with a good option. So in Netflix vs. Amazon Prime video quality and video player comparison both win.

Comparison – Amazon Prime Video vs. Netflix Shows

Everyone wants to know which streaming service offers the best TV Shows and Movies. Both streaming services offer quite good TV Shows and Movies.

Netflix is famous for its Netflix original TV Shows like – 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Narcos, House of Cards, MindHunter, The Orange is the new black, One Piece, Dark, 1899, Squid Game, You, The Sandman, Money Heist, The Witcher, Wednesday, Stranger Things, Narcos, and many other TV Shows. Even, some shows like Breaking Bad, Friends, and Better Call Saul are also available on Netflix.

Recently, Amazon also started its Amazon original shows, which is also better. Like Betas, Mozart in the Jungle, The Hand of God, Red Oaks, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Big Sick, The Boys, Gen V, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Citadel, Fleabag, Supernatural, The Wheel of Time, Reacher, The Lord of the Rings and many other TV Shows. Moreover, shows like Dexter, The Office, and The Continental are also only available on Amazon Video. Apart from these shows, you can watch Discovery Plus and Lionsgate Play content as well.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video TV Shows


As I mentioned before am using both services for more than a month. So from a user experience, I can tell you unbiased, Netflix shows are much better than Amazon Prime. Yes, Amazon is trying to add some awesome TV Shows but if you want to pass your time. There are tons of Netflix Shows available, and Netflix has a larger list of TV Shows. So in the Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video shows comparison, Netflix is a better option.

After reading Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video review, if you’re still confused between these two services. Then sign up for a trial using your card information. And you can cancel your subscription anytime. So don’t worry about the money deduction issue. Use both services for one month, and then, you can decide which one is best for you. Since the Netflix trial is not available now in many countries. So, you can decide based on TV Shows and Movies that you want to watch.