Best Anonymous Browser to Browse Anonymously

Best Anonymous browser to Browse anonymously

Looking for the best anonymous browser to browse anonymously and securely? Then, in this article, you will find the best options for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Who doesn’t like or want privacy? In everyday life, we search and do many things on the internet. Yes, we want to keep all those things private and secure. But many big websites and companies track our Internet activities and information including location, age, habits, interests, and much more. Some websites use our private information to show relevant ads, and some sell it for their benefit. Even, these days some apps provide a small amount of money to users to keep their apps on the phone. Those apps are only made for tracking users’ activity and collecting user’s data without asking for permission.

The Best way to keep personal details private is by using VPN services, there are many VPN services available. By using them you can spoof your IP address and other information. Every browser claims that it is a safe and secure browser. If you are thinking that by using Chrome, Mozilla, or Edge, you’re completely secure. Then you’re completely wrong.

Have you ever faced a malware attack (unwanted ads) on your Chrome browser? If the browser can be affected by malware. Then, how can our browsing be safe? Using the Incognito tab doesn’t offer complete private browsing. Yes, it can be tracked, which websites you have visited even in the private tab. If you want to browse the Internet anonymously, then you have to try an anonymous browser

What is the Anonymous Browser?

Anonymous Browser is somehow similar to our normal Browser. The only difference is it allows us to browse anonymously and keep our personal data and Internet activity private and secure. We can archive anonymous web browsing via proxy servers, virtual private Networks (VPN), and other anonymous programs like Tor.

Best Anonymous Browser for Anonymity

1. Tor Browser

When it comes to anonymous browsing then nothing can beat Tor Browser in privacy. It is the first open-source Anonymous browser that comes with a modified Firefox ESR, Torbutton, TorLauncher, NoScript, and HTTPS everywhere.

It’s available in 16 different languages, and you can create your bundle by using the browser builder repository. The Installation process of the Tor browser is quite easy like any other Windows App. Tor anonymous browser is based on Mozilla Firefox. But, it does provide security at three different levels. Standard, Safer, and Safest.

Tor Browser Security

Every time you close and reopen the browser, it will establish a new connection to Browse. This means, that by restarting the browser you can reset your identity. Yes, you might notice slower browsing speed in this browser. Since, It directs all Internet traffic via a free, worldwide volunteer overlay network. Which consists of more than seven thousand relays. But if you’re using the fastest internet connection then this thing might not be an issue for you.

Restart Tor Browser to Reset Identity

There are no other best anonymous browsers available on the Internet. But if you’re not satisfied with the Tor Browser feature and User-Interface, then try these other options. To uninstall Tor Browser you have to delete the folder from the installed directory.

Available For Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

2. Mullvad Browser

As Tor Browser is an open-source project. So, the Mullvad Browser is developed using Tor Project and Mullvad VPN. Mullvad Annonymous Browser has the same fingerprinting protection as the Tor Browser. However, it allows users to connect to the internet with or without a VPN, instead of the Tor Network. In this browser, telemetry has been removed, which is used to collect data about the user. So that makes it the best browser in terms of user privacy. It also create new identiy everytime you restart the browser.

Mullvad Browser for Windows

It comes with a private mode enabled by default. Moreover, the browser comes with uBlock Origin to block all third-party trackers. The browser only makes money by selling its VPN Service. So overall, if you want a Tor Project-based Chromium browser. Then, this can be the perfect choice for you.

Available For Windows, Linux, macOS, and Firefox Extensions.

3. Brave Browser

Brave is 3X faster than Chrome and does offer better protection from Google and Big Tech. By keeping your data private. Yes, it also offers Anonymized network routing through Tor mode. Brave also have it’s reward system like Bing Rewards. It offers “Basic Attention Tokens” (BAT). You can use it to redeem crypto or gift cards.

Brave Browser Homepage

Brave browser also does block Cross-site trackers, Invasive ads, Third-party cookie tracking, and Fingerprinting. The browser also offers Malware & phishing protection and Protection against bounce tracking. The browser also comes with a Firewall + VPN, however, it’s paid. Overall, if you’re a Chrome user, then Brave can be a better choice.

Available for Windows, Android, and iOS.

4. Epic Browser

If you’re someone who likes to use Chrome User Interface. And, if want to browse Anonymously then the Epic browser is the best choice. Epic Browser is also an Anonymous browser and is Built on Chromium engineered to protect users’ privacy. It offers always-on private browsing mode and blocks hundreds of tracking companies.

This browser is dedicated to protecting user’s privacy. So that, no one can able to track what you are browsing. After enabling the proxy in the Epic browser, each tab has a different process and different network access. By using the proxy you not only browse anonymously but also you can browse unblocked sites. It comes with a built-in proxy and provides you with 8 different servers to browse secretly.

Epic - Anonymous Browser

Also, it comes with built-in ad Epic AdBlocker. You have to enable Epic AdBlocker and Epic Encrypted Proxy (VPN for the Browser) from its extension page.

Epic browser now offers two search options – free search by Yahoo and paid private search via EpicSearch. However, Yahoo search bypasses Epic proxy and AdBlock for a short period. To maintain the integrity of their ad marketplace. So, if you want a true private search then you have to pay a nominal monthly fee. Else, you can use Epic for free.

Available For Windows, and Mac.

5. SRWare Iron 

SRWare Browser is based on the free and Open-Source code of Chromium. And, it is available for almost every platform. It also provides the ability to browse the internet anonymously and keep our data private and safe. SRWare is also known as Chrome alternative, its user interface is similar to Chrome but the only difference is data protection. It strips out the usage of an ID along with other Chrome privacy concerns such as search suggestions.

SRWare Iron

SRWare doesn’t come with any bloatware. Now, it’s partnered with NordVPN. So, you can get a NordVPN subscription through it. It claims to provide the fastest browsing experience. It uses Microsoft Bing as its default search engine. By installing SecureWAMP by SRWare you can also set up a secure WAMP system.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

6. LibreWolf

LibreWolf is a custom Firefox version, which is focused on privacy, and security. Yes, it is built on the latest Firefox Version. It does protect against tracking and fingerprinting. LibreWolf offers Privacy-conscious search and removes all telemetry, and data collection. It comes with uBlock origin to block ads and trackers. The default search engine of LibreWolf is DuckDuckGo.

LibreWolf  Anonymous Browser

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux Distros.

This list of Anonymous browsers has not ended yet. Yes, there are more anonymous web browsers. For now, these are the best options to keep your data & Information private and secure. If you’re still confused about which one to try first, then choose Tor. Since it’s a truly Anonymous Browser to Browse Anonymously. But if you’re a Chrome user then Brave browser can be the second choice.