How to use Android Phone as a Webcam for streaming.

use Android Phone as a Webcam for streaming

Android smartphones can be used in various ways. One of them is, you can use an Android phone as a webcam, for desktop applications. (like Skype, Zoom, OBS (For Streaming).) If you have an old Android smartphone lying, then you can make it useful. Because the camera of a mid-range smartphone is still better than most of the webcams. So instead of selling your old phone and buy a brand new webcam. Setting it up the old phone as a webcam is a nice idea. In this guide, I will tell you all steps to do this.

Use Android Phone as a Webcam.

Install and Setup Droidcam.

To turn your smartphone camera into a webcam, you need to download Droidcam App on your Android smartphone. And, Droidcam client on your PC. Yes, there are many Apps available to do the same. But, I find the Droidcam most useful and handy.

It offers two options to connect your smartphone to PC and use it as a webcam. You can either connect it wirelessly. But for that, both smartphone and PC needs to stay connected on the same Wi-Fi network. Or, you can connect the smartphone via USB. But to use the USB method, you have to enable USB Debugging first. That’s also an easy process, no need to worry.

Wireless Method.

Step 1: To link Smartphone to PC. You need to install the Droidcam App/Client on both smartphones and PC.

Install the DroidCam Wireless Webcam App on Android. Open App and give all the required permissions.

Download the Droidcam Windows Client. And, install it on your Windows PC. Windows security window will appear during installation, click on “Install”.Install Droidcam Windows Client Setup

Step 2: Once Droidcam gets installed in both Windows and Android. Then, run Droidcam Windows client as an administrator. Click on the WiFi icon and you will see a field to enter device IP.

Open App on your Android smartphone and you will see all relevant details. Well, you just need WiFi IP. And, make sure both PC and Android are on the same WiFi.

Step 3: Enter WiFi IP in Droidcam Windows client. And, check both options Audio and Video.Enter Device IP, check Audio, click on start

Before you click on start. In Droidcam Android App, from upper right-corner do tap on vertical three dots icon > Settings. Tap on camera, select “Front”. Although, if you want to use the back camera, then don’t make changes.Droidcam select Camera

Apart from camera selection, from Droidcam App settings. You can also change the FPS of video to save battery.

Step 4: Click on start in Droidcam Windows client. It will establish a link, and you will see a preview of the video on your PC.

You will also see a video preview on your Android smartphone. And, App will show you connected. Droidcam - use Android Phone as a Webcam

You might also find out brightness, zoom and rotate option in Droidcam client. But, these features are locked, available in the paid version.

USB Method. (Stable.)

Ok, If you’re not using a Wireless Adaptor on your Windows PC. And, using a LAN connection. Or, maybe you’re facing the webcam lag issue. Then, this method will be really helpful for you.

Enable USB Debugging.

Step 1: Open Android Settings App, and go to About phone. Tap seven times on build number, it will unlock “developer options”.

Step 2: Developer options will now visible in Settings > System. Do open it. (In your smartphone, it could be inside some other settings. Though, you can use the search feature of settings App.)

Step 3: Scroll a little in developer options, you will see “USB debugging” option. Tap on it, and, then tap on “ok” to allow USB debugging.

Allow USB Debugging in Android

Connect Smartphone to PC.

That’s it, USB Debugging enabled in your Android smartphone. Now, connect your Android Smartphone to PC via USB. “Allow USB Debugging?” the screen will appear in Android, tap on OK.Droidcam - Allow USB debugging

Don’t choose any USB preferences option, you will see “USB debugging connected” in the notification bar.

Connect over USB.

Step 4: Open Droidcam Windows Client, this time click on the USB icon. And, click on start.Droidcam - USB Connection

The Command window might appear. And, it will establish the connection and you will see a video preview.Droidcam Client - use Android Phone as a Webcam

That’s it, you have successfully turned your Android smartphone in a Webcam. But wait, to use it in various software, you need to configure the new Android Webcam. It’s not hard, you just need to select the Droidcam camera in Application settings.

Configure Droidcam in Zoom.

If you want to use Android Webcam in Zoom for video/web conferencing. Then yes, you can do that easily. Because the process of switching to mobile webcam is very simple.

1. Click on the cogwheel icon in the Zoom Windows application. In Settings, click on the video from the list of options appear on left.

2. Select the DroidCam Source in the camera drop-down menu. You will see the video preview immediately.Zoom - use Android Phone as a Webcam

Configure Droidcam on Skype.

If you’re installing Skype after setting up Droidcam. Then, while setting up Skype, you can select Droidcam as your webcam source. Also, this will not work on a stock version of skype. So download Skype from the site directly.

1. After logging in to skype App, head over to settings by clicking on three horizontal dots icon.

2. Here, click on Audio and Video. And, select Droidcam as your camera source.Skype - use Android Phone as a Webcam

Also, if you want to use your smartphone mic as a default communication device. Then, in the microphone select “Droidcam virtual audio”.

That’s it, you can use Android Phone as a Webcam for Skype, in the form of your smartphone.

Configure Droidcam in Streamlabs OBS.

Yes, it is possible to use your smartphone camera as a webcam for streaming. I have tested it in Streamlabs obs, and it was working well.

1. First, in sources, click on the “+” icon and add a video capture device. Click on add source, select webcam, click on ok.

2. In the mixer section, you will see the webcam option. Click on the cogwheel icon next to it. From the menu, click on properties.

3. “settings for video capture device” window will appear, select Droidcam source from it. And, webcam preview will appear, click on ok. Streamlabs OBS - use Android Phone as a Webcam

That’s how you can make your smartphone camera more useful than just capturing photos. If you’re facing any trouble while using Android Phone as a Webcam. Feel free to comment.