Is your “Xbox One gaming console” is broke or lost?. then you don’t need to worry about, playing your Favorite games. Because with the help of some “Xbox one emulator” you can play, Xbox One or Xbox 360 games on PC. Nowadays, you don’t even need to buy a new console, if you have Computer with the Latest specification. Because, There is emulator available for almost, every new and old gaming console. These days you can run Android Apps on PC and, Vice versa you can run Windows Program on Android.

What is Xbox One emulator for PC?.

Emulators can be hardware or software, that create the virtual environment of other computer systems. Virtual environment behaves like the real Computing system So that you can run other system’s Apps and games. Emulator basically enables your computer system, to run software created for the guest system.

With “Xbox emulator” you can do the same, you can run games created for Xbox One in Windows. Apart from Xbox One, there are many emulators available which you can install on Windows PC.

Is using Xbox One Emulator illegal?.

According to Microsoft software license agreement, you can only use Authorized Games. So, If you’re going to use pirated or crack games then you’re violating, their software license Terms. And one more thing written in software license terms, that is you can only use Authorized accessory by Microsoft. If you will use unauthorized accessory to play Xbox games then it will stop working after the update.

As I mentioned above according to their license terms, it’s illegal to use Xbox Games using Unauthorized accessories. But technically, you aren’t using any unauthorized accessories, you’re just using a software program or emulator.

Do search for Xbox One Games on Windows Store.

Most of the games which Xbox One gaming console offers are cross-platform. So, you can easily find out those Games in Windows store. That’s why you don’t need Xbox 1 emulator. But still, If you’re unable to find out any specific game for Windows, which is only available for Xbox One or 360. Only then you should try these emulators on your Windows Computer.

Best Xbox one emulator for PC.

There are many emulator sites that claim to provide, best Xbox 360 or Xbox 1 emulator for PC. Though personally, I tried to Download and Install all Xbox 1 emulator. But unfortunately, some of them are fake and try to install malware on our Computer. Xbox emulation requires lot’s of power and a good GPU to handle Xbox games.

Is there an Xbox emulator for PC?

Currently, There isn’t any legit Xbox emulator Available for PC. But two emulator that I found is in development state and claims to run few Xbox one games. There is a video also available on YouTube for one emulator, you can Watch if you want.


Xeon is good but not perfect emulator available for Xbox platform. This emulator is working but can run only one commercial game, which is Halo NTSC version. Although, you can try to play other low graphics games. Currently, Xeon is in development state, so you can expect more game to run in this Xbox One Emulator.

With Xeon settings, you can configure graphics, audio, and input. You can easily access these three settings by going into the options menu. Xeon is the portable emulator, you don’t need to go through the typical installation process. All you need is file extraction tool to extract software, and then you can launch the emulator.

System Requirements for Xeon Emulator.

  • Windows XP/7/8 or 10.
  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM.
  • Radon 9200 Pro / GeForce FX or higher Graphics Card.
  • Pentium 4 2.0 GHz.
  • The latest version of DirectX.

Play Xbox One Games with Xeon Emulator.

Step: 1 First, Download Xeon emulator on your windows computer. And, don’t forget to download Xbox Game ROM File.

Step: 2 Now, Extract Xeon emulator RAR file.

– Open Extracted Xeon emulator folder, And then run Xeon application as administrator.Xeon Xbox 1 Emulator.

Step: 3 To load Xbox One game file, Go to File > Load XBE. (Or you can use shortcut, which is Ctrl + L.)

– Locate game ROM folder and look for .xbe extension file to run Game.

– Select .xbe file of the downloaded game, and then click on open to run Game.Xeon - Choose Game File.

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Xbox emulator version 1.0.3.

Before start telling you about this Xbox One emulator, First thing you need to know is to download this emulator you need to complete a survey. A YouTube video available of this emulator, that’s why I am adding this emulator in this list. Unfortunately, I was unable to download emulator file. But if you need you can contact emulator developer directly.Xbox One Emu 1.0.3.

According to the download page, this emulator can run heavy games without any error. It comes with full ROM and disc support, So you can use the physical game disc or can use downloaded ROM file. Comes with flexible control support, either you can use the keyboard or can use any gaming controller. The software also claims to provide split-screen mode. And you can use Xbox live features also.

System Requirements.

  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • Free 25 GB of hard disk space.
  • Intel i3 or higher.
  • Radeon HD 5400 / GeForce 9300 or higher.

Few Instructions to Run Xbox 1 Games.

Step: 1 Download Xbox one emulator and then move Game ROM file to it’s Game Data folder. (Like Xeon, this emulator also doesn’t require installation.)

Step: 2 Go to the game folder and then run application “Xbox Emu v1.0.3”.

– Click on the plugin and then activate all available plugins.
– If you want to set controls, you can do that by going into Controls settings.

Step: 3 To open Game ROM file go to File> Refresh ROM list. (This option will show all recently added Games) And to run Games you can use Open ROM option.

Done, That’s how you can Play Xbox One Games on PC. Though this emulator I didn’t try personally but still, this information might be useful for you.

Conclusion: Xbox One Emulator for PC.

These are two emulators that currently available to run Xbox Games. Though both are in currently developer state because of almost all games now available for Windows. But still, if you want to play Gears of war or Halo then you can try out these two emulators. Xeon is capable to run small games like Halo, So if you have small Xbox Games ROM file then you can Play. That’s it for now, If you know any other better emulator, then feel free to comment.