Best Android Keyboard apps for Android that you should try.

best android keyboard
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Android is getting better and better day-to-day in terms of functionality and it’s User Interface. We have seen many changes in Android layout in past few years. Google also made some changes in its default keyboard app. But, if you know there are dozens of keyboard app available on google play store. And every app has its own unique features fun themes, gesture, and other language support. But some apps also work like keyloggers they save password and other user information, that’s why Apple restricted third-party input device & keyboard. It’s hard to find which is Best Android Keyboard app.

The only way to check is by downloading those apps on your smartphone. But it doesn’t seem a good option because apps will occupy some amount of space. So, in this article am going to provide you short info on some Best Keyboard app, by reading it you can decide which is the best option for you. Also for new keyboard apps added some precautions to protect your private information.

Best Android Keyboard Apps for Android.

SwiftKey Keyboard.

When it comes to Best Android Keyboard app, SwiftKey comes in mind. It’s not just a simple keyboard app because it comes with many advanced features. SwiftKey supports artificial intelligence to learn your automatic writing styles including emojis that you love to send. If you like to use slang, nickname & phrase while chatting then A.I. will learn that and next time will help you in use.

It supports 100 and over languages also autocorrect and predictive text comes with it which help you in type faster and better. If you’re the one who likes to change keyboard design and themes then you don’t need to download extra apps. By using SwiftKey you can easily do that, but some themes are paid. We have recently seen gesture typing feature in Google keyboard, that feature also comes with it. Microsoft recently purchased this keyboard app so you don’t need to worry about security issues.

Get Swiftkey from Google Play.

Go Keyboard.

If you like to do lot’s of customization in Android and apps then Go Keyboard is the best Android keyboard app for you. This app is completely dedicated to themes, Emojis and Gif. The app comes with 60+ pre-loaded languages, 1600+ Emoji & Emotions also it allows you to send Gif stickers.

Go Keyboard app comes with 10,000+ colorful themes compatible with emoji keyboard. some good and basic features also there in the app like auto-correction, text prediction & Gesture support. Overall app is perfect keyboard app if you like good feature with some awesome themes customization options.

Get Go KeyBoard Pro.

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard.

Fleksy is known as Fastest & Best Android keyboard in the world. It is completely dedicated to sending Gifs, and customize your keyboard with powerful extensions and beautiful themes. You can use built-in extensions as GIFs, Android Launcher, Editor, Number Row, Keyboard Shortcuts, Invisible Keyboard, and Rainbow Key Pops.

Typing with Fleksy is actually fun, because of 40+ themes and by using fleksy you can earn fun badge and reward. One thing that is unique and that force to use this keyboard is its powerful extension.

Get Fleksy + GIF Keyboard.

GBoard – the Google Keyboard.

If you’re the one like me who like everything stock, then GBoard from Google is the Best option. GBoard comes with everything that you like about stock google keyboard also with built-in Google search feature.

GBoard keyboard provides Glide Typing, voice typing, and more—plus Google Search built in, just search and share, right from your keyboard. Voice & Glide typing feature allows faster typing by just sliding finger on the keyboard. Recently Gboard introduced emoji search and GIF search feature.

Get GBoard Keyboard.   

TouchPal Keyboard.

Touchpal Keyboard is somehow similar to Flesky because this app also dedicated to providing GIFs, Emotions, stickers and text faces. The app allows us to send these things on almost all social media apps like twitter, facebook, snap chat, weChat, Google Talk, Line.

TouchPal App also allows us to customize keyboard color wallpaper and layout. It also allows us to set a personal photo as keyboard themes also you can send text faces which are not new but a good thing.

Get TouchPal Keyboard.

HiTap Keyboard.

HiTap emoji keyboard is the first music keyboard of the world. You could typing keyboard like play the piano this thing takes your typing experience to the another level. It supports 80+ language wordWide you can type any language at anywhere.

This keyboard provides music themes, picture theme, emoticons, emoji, stickers, making typing funnier. The app was available in paid version but now you can get it for FREE from Google Play Store.

Get HiTap Keyboard.   

Still, there are dozens of keyboard available on Play Store. But some of them are copies of other keyboard app and some app doesn’t come with good feature. At last this article is about best android keyboard and these 6 are best to provide all good and unique features.