Things that you can do If your phone not Charging.

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Recently I purchased a smartphone and battery level was at 20 percentage, So I plugged into the wall charger. But after one-hour battery level was same at 50 Percentage, means phone not charging. There could be a dozens reason behind phone won’t charge, and this problem not only with a new android device. We all face this issue at certain point, and the best option is to take the device to the service center.

But trying to diagnose the issue and then solve it on your own is also a Good idea. Because if your device is too old and warranty also expired then service center will charge you extra money. And in case if you’re like me who likes to solve things at own then read this article. It will definitely solve your problem or you will understand the issue behind Phone not charging.

How to Fix Phone Not Charging.

Change the Power Source / Turn off some electronic Devices.

If you’re the one who uses many electrical home appliances that consume much electricity. Then chances are high that you’re getting low power to charge your mobile and phone is charging very slow. Turn off some appliances and wait for half and hour to check phone is charging or not.

phone not charging - power source
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Not always phone or charge is the problem but sometimes power outlet is the main problem. So first change the power outlet, try another room’s power socket. Or, If you’re charging using your computer, then switch to the another port. Now check battery level after 15-30 minutes if it’s increasing then hire an electrician to solve the issue. Else, try the next fix to solve Phone not charging issue.

Check the Charging Cable / USB Cable.

Before start doing anything to fix on the phone. First, you need to check two components the wall adapter and the charging cable. In maximum cases, issues are always with the charging cable / USB cable.

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USB cables are created to handle certain levels of flexing, If you curl it to beyond it’s flexing level then it might be damage. To check issue is with cable or not use the cable to charge any other phone and use other phone wall adapter with it. If other phones won’t charge with that cable then you need to change charging cable immediately, buy an Indestructible cable.

If you’re using old mobile then chances are that charge and the cable is the same unit. So check is there any sign of physical damage on it, if not then the adaptor is faulty.

Check the Wall Adaptor.

Recently I found a new issue on a forum, where forum members were commenting that “my phone won’t charge.” They tried many solutions but at the end, users realize that problem is with their wall adaptor. If USB cable is working flawlessly, then chances are high that It could be wall Adaptor that you plug into the socket is faulty. To check adaptor is faulty or not use that adaptor to charge other mobiles. Or you can use another adapter to charge your mobile, by changing that if phone start charging then buy a new adaptor.


To check adaptor is faulty or not use that adaptor to charge other mobiles. Or you can use another adapter to charge your mobile, by changing that if phone start charging then buy a new adaptor. If the phone is not charging then the issue is with your phone, but don’t worry still many solutions left to try.

Check the USB socket of Mobile.

After checking Wall Adaptor & USB Cable it’s time to move on next technical stuff. Now check USB socket in which you put USB to charge your phone. There could be a lot more reason behind the problem with USB Socket. First, plug USB cable and try to move it in every direction. Because if the socket is loose or unattached from silicon chip then this will help you in charge your mobile.

One more issue can happen, the small metal connector in the USB port. First, check using torchlight if you found something then first turn off the device. And then try to remove using any pin or something similar in size, don’t make this process too rough. After removing that metal connector starts your phone and then plug charge to charge the phone.

Replace the Battery.

The Battery doesn’t last forever, a normal smartphone battery can provide only 500 life cycle. Means only 500 times you can completely charge and discharge the battery. If your battery stopped working after 1-6 month then replace the battery if it’s in warranty period.

There is a myth that you can’t change the non-removable battery, but truth is you can easily. Don’t try to change yourself go to service center. If the battery is removable and the issue is with the battery then remove the back cover of the phone. And, you”ll able to see leak fluid and the battery will start expanding.

Restart your device / Update or roll back your OS

If your phone not charging or charging very slowly then it doesn’t mean that issue is with hardware parts. Sometimes due to the mobile software issue, the battery shows false battery indication. If you’re the one who plays graphics games while charging, then it is possible your phone takes high power to charge. Restarting device or turning on airplane mode can solve this issue.

If you’re like me who likes to change ROM then it’s the common issue that battery will charge within 5 minutes. Actually, it’s not charging it’s showing the false percentage, by updating or roll back to original OS you can solve this issue.

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Download Ampere.

Ampere is the great tool to Measure the charging and discharging current of your battery. The current depends on many things Charger (USB/AC/Wireless), USB cable, Phone type, Current tasks running, Display brightness, WiFi state, GPS state.

If the battery information in the app is showing green then the device is charging. But if it’s showing orange minus then the device is using power. This app will help you in understand battery issue and help you in fix phone not charging issue.

Get Ampere

These are some common solutions that will help you in understand battery issue and you can easily solve Phone won’t charge issue.