Best Note-taking Apps – Best Evernote Alternatives.

Note-taking Apps
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The smartphone comes with many utility apps, and Note is one of them. At some point, we all need to take note either it’s a reminder or some other useful notes or quotes. Because not every time we can remember things, taking notes is very good choice. And, If you’re like me who writes lot’s of articles then you need a Best Note-taking Apps.

Every Android device comes with a stock note-taking app, but it only provides the ability to write things like notepad on Computer. There are dozens of Note-taking apps available on the Google Play, if you’re thinking all are the same then it’s not. Because the deeper you dig into them the more feature you’ll know about them. If you’re a little bit confused between choosing Best Note-taking apps then follow this article. And you’ll know which app is the best option for you to take notes.

Best Note-taking Apps.

1. SimpleNote. (FREE)

If you’re the one who works on a computer and on Android at the same time then SimpleNote is Best Note-taking app for you. It’s real time sync feature allows you to sync your note. Means when you’re writing on your Android device using the SimpleNote app at the same time you can edit through the computer. It’s also known as Best Evernote Alternative because some features are same and better.

And the best part is you don’t need to download and Install any application on the computer all you need is a browser. It also provides auto-save features means now you no need to worry about saving note manually. You can also share note directly to any SimpleNote user just by adding their email using share option. Or you can share the note to anyone by creating note link. Tags, Trash, search, Print, and Download Note in (dot)ZIP Format features are also available that takes your writing experience to the another level.


2. EverNote. (FREE)

When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done then EverNote comes in handy. It’s not just one of Note-taking apps, we can do a lot more things using it. It comes not only for Android, EverNote is available for iOS, Windows, Chrome web browser, and Web version available also. Like Simplenote, EverNote also allows you to sync notes from Android/iOS to the computer.

With text notes, you can also add images, Audio and other attachment (Microsoft Office docs, PDFs). If you’re using WordPress directly to write your articles then give it a try. You can also create the checklist, set a reminder, Plan events such as holidays, weddings or parties. There is work chat feature also available by using it you can chat with your colleagues while writing notes/articles.

Home screen widget also available with three different options widget, action-bar, and list widget. Evernote plus also available which cost around 4$. By subscribing it you can get 1GB of extra storage, the unlimited number of devices, Access your notes and notebooks .offline, Save emails to Evernote. If you’re searching for perfect and best Note-taking app, and app size not matters to you then EverNote is the best option.

3. GNotes – Note, Notepad & Memo. (FREE)

GNote is also known as EverNote Alternative, although it doesn’t provide all feature that is available in EverNote. But still, It’s one of Best Note-taking apps because of some of these features. With GNotes you can set Reminder, take notes, keep a diary, write down ideas, create checklists, etc. Moreover, it supports text, photo, voice memos, handwriting, painting etc.

It’s also available for Chrome and for The Web, cloud synchronization feature also available which allows you to synchronize with Gmail as well. One feature that I personally like about GNotes has UNDO button, sometimes we accidentally delete whole note this button comes in handy.

4. Google Keep. (FREE)

There is no doubt that Google is continually improving their application’s and Android OS. As we all know Google recently introduced it’s Google Assistant and now it’s the best thing about Android. Last year Google also introduced us with a new Note-taking application Google Keep. The best thing about this app is it automatically sync all note directly to Google. And
The best thing about this app is it automatically sync all note directly to Google. And like other apps, there is Web version also available of this app. If we talk about features, it comes with all advanced feature like you can add all types attachment, Drawing, add work email, labels. Also, you can change the background color of notepad, which is a new thing.

5. Dropbox Paper. (FREE)

Dropbox Paper is not just a Note-Taking App, the more you dig, more you’ll know about this App. Apart from notepad, you can add work email and you can tag them while writing stuff. Offline mode of Dropbox paper is just awesome you can write notes using the app without the internet means it will auto-save in Internal Storage.

It also allows you to create To-Do-List, you can add a specific task for you and for your team. And when the task will be done you can cross that task line. You can also add current date and time and Emojis to your notes.

6. Microsoft OneNote. (FREE)

Microsoft is known for Windows Operating system and for it’s Office Suite. OneNote is one of best Note-Taking Apps and it’s famous for simplicity. This app is not only limited to Android, you can Get OneNote for Windows to write offline Notes.

By using OneNote you can add Picture, Table, Files and links in the Notes. Draw option also available which allows drawing in any color. You can also ZoomIn and ZoomOut in Notes, rest features are quite same so here no point to tell about them.

7.  Material Notes: Colorful notes. (FREE)

If you’re the one who like Google’s Material design then this app is the best Note-Taking App for you. By using this app you can do the following things.

• Create notes and lists, set reminders, and check off your completed tasks.
• Search notes easily.
• Lock your notes with 4 digit PIN.
• Star notes and accesses them in one category.
• Color notes for easy scanability.
• Create widgets and place on your home screen for quick access.
• Choose your desired fonts for Material Notes
• Export your notes and import them to different devices.

Get Material Notes App For Android.

Still there are many Note-Taking Apps left to add to this list, but for now, these 7 are best. These apps have all those things that are required in Best Notepad App. If you are aware of any other better Note-Taking software then feel free to comment.