Best CPU Temp Monitor, Free CPU Monitoring Software

Best CPU Temp Monitor

Are you looking for some software to check CPU temperature on Windows 11/10? Well, you will find the best tools in this article. Sometimes, knowing your limits is a good idea, before it’s too late. Well, I am talking about the CPU. If your Computer is getting frozen, sluggish, or getting shut down automatically while gaming. Then, Overheating could be the issue. Overheating problems arise due to Overclocking the CPU. This means when you try to push your CPU/GPU performance beyond its limit. Then, the CPU temperature starts increasing. Which leads to many problems. That’s why it’s a good idea to monitor CPU temperature.

Although, officially Windows doesn’t provide an option to measure CPU temperature. That’s why, In this article, I am adding some best CPU temp monitor software. Apart from CPU temperature, there are some other factors, which also need monitoring. Like, CPU load, fan and clock speed, RAM usage, and voltage.

But, in this article, we are going to talk about CPU temperature only. By knowing CPU temperature, we can easily prevent potential overheating issues. Also, you can find out, whether the CPU is working fine or not, when, the external environment is hot. If you’re using an Intel processor, then, I suggest you try Intel Burn Test. Which will help you to know your CPU limit. Though, read the complete article before performing the Intel burn test. It can harm your CPU.

Best CPU Temp (temperature) Monitor.

Real Temp. (Free.)

Real Temp is free and the Best CPU Temp Monitor. It is specially designed for all Intel Processors. Like, single-core, dual-core, quad-core, and intel core i3, i5, and i7. (Pentium 4 processors not supported.)This small CPU monitoring software does show real-time temperature. Also, shows the minimum and maximum temperature with the time. So that you can figure out what causes temperature increment. Real Temp also displays processor information and load. Though, you can check the load using task manager. The best part is you don’t need to install this software. You can run it directly.

Real Temp - Best CPU Temp Monitor

Real Temp software also shows the Distance to TJ Max. Each core on the Intel processor comes with a digital thermal sensor. DTS shows temperature data relative to TJ Max. When our CPU starts heating distance to TJ max starts decreasing. If it reaches zero, then your Computer will get freeze or the thermal throttle will get started. So, maximizing Distance to TJ Max will help Computer run at full speed. You can also test your processor benchmark score. Sensor test features are also available. But, to use it you have to download Prime95 software.

Open Hardware Monitor. (Free, Open-Source)

It is another free and open-source best CPU monitoring software. In Windows, it runs with the .NET framework. And, in Linux OHM requires Mono and Winforms. Although, it is not available for macOS. Like Real Temp, Open Hardware Monitor doesn’t require installation. You just need to download the zip file then unpack the zip and, run the program. It supports both Intel and AMD processors. You can check your processor in the documentation section of its official site.

Open Hardware Monitor - Best CPU Temp Monitor

Apart from CPU temperature, this program also monitors fan speeds, voltages, CPU load, and clock speed of the Computer. It also shows the minimum and maximum temperature. You can reset it anytime. It also shows the hard drive temperature and used space. The software does support both NVIDIA and AMD GPU. Overall, it is the best CPU Temp Monitor. If you just want to get real-time temperature updates.

HWMonitor by CPUID. (Free.)

It is the most famous CPU temperature monitoring software. Which is developed by the same company, that developed CPU-Z software. Though, this software interface is similar to open hardware monitor software. But, still, HWMonitor shows much information about CPU. Apart from minimum and maximum CPU temperature. The software does show clock speed, voltage, fan speed, and CPU load. HWMonitor is capable to show temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit at the same time.


This program is also quite helpful for laptop users. It shows every information about laptop batteries. Like, designed capacity, full charge capacity, and current capacity. Apart from processor temperature, HWMonitor also shows motherboard and GPU temperature. Though, there are some drawbacks to this program. Like, you can’t control fan speed, and, you can’t set a warning alarm. There is a pro version of HWMonitor available. Though, if you just want to monitor the temperature. Then, the pro version isn’t for you.

AID64 Extreme. (Paid.)

If you need some advanced information. Then you can try AID64 extreme software. It is a Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software. It provides a wide range of features, which will assist you in overclocking. Instead of the best CPU temp monitor, we can call it the best hardware monitoring software. It is similar to Microsoft Console Management. AID64 also shows Tjmax temperature.

AID 64 Extreme

With AID64 Extreme, you can monitor everything. Like Power, CPU, storage, network, software, devices, sensors, BIOS, motherboard, and GPU. Overall, you can get complete information about your Computer. But, some features of it are locked. Which you can unlock by purchasing a premium version of it. The trial version of AID64 is valid only for 30 days.

SpeedFan. (Free.)

This is also one of the best CPU Temp monitors. It can also manage your Computer fan speed. This means it can change fan speed according to temperature. Fan speed will increase to cool it down if the temperature goes high. The software is quite old, but, compatible with all versions of Windows. Apart from temperature, speed fans can display Computer voltage and fan speed.

Speed Fan

This small tool can access digital temperature sensors. But, the main feature of it is the ability to control fan speed. You can also clock your CPU with it. But, if you select the wrong information, you might hurt your system. With Speed Fan, you can also set up a high-temperature warning. Or, can set an action like sending an email or running a program.

CPU Thermometer. (Free.)

This small program is based on the Open Hardware Monitor code. As I mentioned above, an open hardware monitor is open-source software. So, anyone can use its code. And, developer of the CPU Thermometer did the same. But, this program only shows CPU temperature. Not any other information. Like, fan speed, CPU load, voltage, motherboard, hard disk, and GPU temperature.

CPU Thermometer - Best CPU Temp Monitor

But, still, you can give it a try. The software comes with the self-extraction method. This means when you run the program. It will ask you to extract it from any directory. After extracting the software. You will find out an extracted folder. From that folder, you can run the CPU Thermometer. You don’t need to install it.

Summing – up. Best CPU Temp Monitor.

So, these are the CPU monitoring software, which you can try. Personally, I am using Real Temp. You can also try Open Hardware Monitor if you need other information. And, if you want to control fan speed, and check the temperature. Then, Speed Fan software will come in handy. Overall, this software is helpful, if you do CPU overclocking. That’s it. If you know any other better software, feel free to comment.