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Best Custom ROM for Android

Android is getting updated with the latest features day by day. But not all android users are able to Interact with Latest Android OS. If you are buying a New smartphone, Only then you can know about the latest Android features. Nowadays you can get Latest Android OS on your older smartphone. If you are planning to buy a New smartphone, only to get Latest Android OS. Then you need to try custom ROM, It gives you the opportunity to explore the latest version of Android OS on your old Smartphone. There are dozens of Best Custom ROM available on the Internet, you can try any. But before Installing any Custom ROM on your device first you need to understand a few things about Custom ROM.

What is Custom ROM?

A ROM is an operating system, that allows you to interact with your smartphone. And in other simple words, we can say, It is the basic UI Interface that comes with some Basic and useful Android system apps like an address book, phone dialer, calendar, calculator, camera, settings, etc. Also, it comes with the latest Android OS, currently the latest Android version in Nougat, That’s why all AOSP ROM comes with Nougat. Nougat is a very powerful and the best Android OS, that comes with very advanced features.

And the best part about Custom ROM is it doesn’t come with Bloatware, which means unwanted Android apps that are not useful for you. And this is the reason behind, why Custom ROM is faster than pre-installed Android OS.

Can I go back to my stock Android OS, After Installing Custom ROM.?

Custom ROM will replace your smartphone’s current OS completely. But you can go back to your Stock Android OS at any point. All you need to do is create a backup of your current Stock Android OS. You can do it easily by using Custom Recovery.

What is Custom Recovery in Android?

All Android devices come with Google’s stock Android recovery, which allows Android users to Wipe data/factory reset. It is useful If your smartphone is locked and you forget the password. Custom Android Recovery is a third-party recovery environment.

Custom-TWRP - Insrtall Lineage OS

Flashing Custom Recovery replaces your current Stock Recovery. It allows us to back up our current Android OS and provide the ability to Flash and Install Custom ROM in our Android Device.

What is Gapps in Custom ROM?

Custom ROM doesn’t come with Google Apps, to get Google Apps on your device you need to install Gapps. You can download the Gapps file using OpenGapps Website. As you know there are some google apps that you might don’t like, because they are not useful for you. You can choose the Google apps package according to what google apps you want on your Android device.

As I mentioned, there are dozens of Custom AOSP ROM available on the Internet. And it’s hard to decide which ROM is Best Custom ROM and which is not. But no need to worry today am gonna list down, All the Best Custom ROM for Android that provide you with an awesome Android experience.

Best Custom ROM for Android

Lineage OS

Cyanogen Mod was the Biggest and Widest used Custom Android ROM. But due to some reason, it has been ShutDown. All source code is moved from to 

Lineage OS - Best Custom ROM

Lineage OS is using Cyanogen OS Source code which’s why It is the Best Custom ROM for Android, Development of Lineage OS is in progress. It is based on Nougat, Which is a good thing. By Installing Lineage OS ROM, you can experience the latest Android OS. Lineage OS is famous for Customization, you can customize many things, that you can’t able to do in Google’s stock Android OS.

You can customize everything in the lineage OS Status Bar, Navigation Bar, App Drawer, On-screen Buttons, and much more. Lineage OS regularly updates its OS and it is available for most of the Android devices available in the market. If it is not available then also you can port ROM Easily.

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is one of the Best Custom ROMs I have ever used. It gets the latest updates from Google, Lineage OS, and other Custom ROMs. This ROM is available for many popular devices available in the Market and ROM was firstly introduced in 2012 for Samsung devices.

Resurrection Remix- Get Resurrected Best Custom ROM

It is available for various devices with amazing support from fellow users and developers in forums. This ROM is also based on the latest Android OS and provides an awesome user experience. All ROM is somehow similar to Lineage OS ROM but in this ROM you can find lots of customizations.

There is a configuration option available in this ROM, by using it you can customize every single thing that you are able to see. The best thing about this ROM is Battery management and RAM management.

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is the Best custom ROM aiming to extend the system, working on enhancing the already existing beauty of Android. This ROM is competing against Cyanogen OS for a long time.Paranoid - Best Custom ROM

But, Unfortunately, this ROM is only available for selected devices Samsung, Nexus, OnePlusOne, and oppo is from them. It is an open-source project, that’s why you can create your own build by using the source code.

There is a theme engine by Cyanogen OS also available in this ROM, You can Pick from the endless options available on the Play Store. You can also hide the system Bar Globally and like other ROM, in this ROM also some customization options are available.


MIUI ROM is famous for its simplicity and its best User Interface. It is first developed for MI devices, But Due to its popularity, now it’s available for many Android devices. The latest version of this ROM is also based on Nougat.

MIUI Best Custom ROM

The latest version of this ROM 8 and based on Nougat, But this ROM is not similar to any other ROM. There is no App drawer available in this ROM, But its UI will provide you with an awesome experience.

There is some unique feature available in this ROM, that you might like. You can create a copy of your Android OS and Run dual OS by using the second Space option. Also, you can create a copy of android apps by using the Dual Apps option, No need to install any third-party apps to run multiple accounts. These two features of this ROM make it Best Custom ROM for Android.

Bliss ROM.

BlissPop ROM might be not popular but it comes with some unique features and the latest version of this ROM is based on CM 13. This ROM is based on Marshmallow, But provides a good user experience because of its “Bliss Interface.”

BlissPop Best Custom ROM

This ROM’s settings are somehow similar to Resurrection Remix, You can change system animations, and Toast Animations. It also allows you to tweak the Navigation Bar, There is the SlimROM, and SlimDim features also available, and you can also customize power options, navigation rings, left-handed mode, LiveDisplay, etc

Gapps files of this ROM are available separately, No need to Install openGApps you can Install bank Gapps which is available on its Website.


PAC-ROM offers a unique custom ROM experience with our own tweaks and options, including elements and features from the best ROMs out there like CyanogenMod Pie control, OmniSwitch, and many more features.



If you are looking most customizable and Rich-ROM then PAC-ROM is for you, Boot Animation of this ROM is very awesome. PAC-ROM supports 100+  devices and developers update this ROM on a regular basis.

You will not find any bugs in this ROM Because developers only release the Stable version of this ROM. Overall you will love this ROM, and PAC-MAN sounds and animation will give you an awesome Android Experience.

Omni ROM

Omni ROM is developed by Cyanogen OS Developers in 2013, This ROM is famous for providing a stock Android Experience with some Extra features.

OMNI ROM - Best Custom ROM

It is the first ROM that provides brightness control by swiping fingers on the Notifications Bar. It also shows the no. of Notifications that have you received. Omni ROM is also famous for its OmniSwitch, which provides the ability to jump at any app at any time.

But Unfortunately, Omni ROM developers stopped updating ROM, and this ROM is only available for select devices. The current version of this ROM is based on Lolipop, But you can find these ROM features in other ROM also, that’s why this ROM is on the Best Custom ROM list.


Xenon HD ROM is famous for its performance and also its Fastest ROM with fewer Bugs. The latest version of XenonHD is based on Android Nougat, Which is a good thing.

Xenon HD - Best Custom ROM

This ROM supports all the latest devices including OnePlus and Xiaomi, and like Resurrection Remix this ROM also gets Regular Updates. It is a layer-based Pro-theming ROM, and also famous for its simplicity and provides stock Android Experience.

Like other ROMs, you can also Customize this ROM, You can change and customize Status Bar, Notification Bar, App Drawer, On-Screen Buttons, etc. Overall this ROM is also Best Custom ROM.

Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is Best Custom ROM, only if you like the plethora of options and features. This ROM is based on the CM engine and provides an awesome android experience by using the latest version of Android.

Dirty Unicorns BestCustom ROM

You can find the Dirty Tweaks section in this ROM, Where you can find all tweaks and customizations like Tap to lock, Data flow Indication, Status Bar, and Notification Bar Settings. This ROM also uses an Omni ROM feature called OmniSwithch.

But Unfortunately, this ROM is also available only for selected Android devices And some devices’ development stopped after Marshmallow updates.


The last Best Custom ROM is in my List is AOKP ROM, this ROM is only famous for its some Unique feature. But this ROM is based on an older version of Android that’s why I Don’t prefer this ROM.


If you like to Customize, custom vibration patterns, make it easier to discover who is calling you while your phone is still in your pocket. Then you can try this ROM, also there is Navigation Ring available that allows you to add any five apps. You can also customize LED notifications, But you can see this feature on many devices.

Still, there are many ROMs that allow customizations like Oxygen OS, and Nitrogen OS. But Mostly these ROM are based on Cyanogen OS ROM. But After trying all these ROM, I can say the best ROM is Resurrection Remix. Because you will get other ROM features in this ROM, and developers update ROM daily. Else you can give it try to these ROM’s Also.