How to Fix USB device not recognized / Unknown USB Device Error

USB device not recognized

It doesn’t matter which windows you’re using “USB device not recognized” Error is the common issue of Windows. This error can occur due to multiple reasons when you plug your USB Device. The error can occur in newly connected USB device or also in old USB device that you’re using daily. And Yes, There are solutions available to fix Unknown USB Device (device descriptor request failed). But before I start telling you certain fixes, First I am going to tell you few causes.

This issue or Error can occur due to the following reasons.

Corrupted or unstable USB Driver – If an error occurs in old USB Device, that was working fine from months. Then USB Device showing error because of the loaded driver for that device is corrupted. Device Driver can be corrupted or unstable due to newly installed software (Driver for the different device) or windows update.

USB Port Issue – If you pull your USB Device roughly then issue might be with your port. In this case, by changing USB port for the device can solve this Error. In my computer, One USB port shows “USB not recognized Windows 10” Error whenever I connect any USB Device, but all other remaining ports working correctly.

Broken USB Device or Faulty USB Cable – It could be possible that the USB Device you’re connecting is damaged. Or maybe the cable that you’re connecting is faulty. In this case, try changing USB Cable. And to check USB device is OK or not try another computer.

Fix USB device not recognized Error / Unknown USB Device Error.

Solution: 1 Change Port or Change Computer.

The first thing is you need to find out is – Problem is with your USB device or Computer.

– First change USB Port, means connecting your USB device to a different port. If any other port doesn’t work then try next step.

– So, by changing port problem doesn’t get resolved. Then use a different computer, To find out that is Device is faulty or problem is with your computer software or hardware.

If your USB device not recognized on another computer also then the problem might be with your device. But if it’s work on another computer then the issue is with your computer.

Solution: 2 Plug-Out all other devices and Restart.

If too many USB devices are connected to your computer then it can create a conflict. And if the problem started occurring in the old device then restarting the computer can solve the Error.

– So, First, disconnect all connected USB Device then Restart your computer. After restarting the computer, First, connect the device that is showing Error.

If USB Keyboard not working or suddenly stopped working then by using this solution you can solve Error.

Solution : 3 Update Device Driver.

If other USB devices are working correctly, And your device is also working fine on another Computer. Then the issue is might be the driver software that you installed. If you’re connecting device first time and getting “USB device not recognized” Error.

It means you need to Install the USB Drive from Driver CD or using Device Manager. And if the problem is with your old USB device then maybe the error is coming because of some recent system changes.

If you Don’t know What Device Driver is – Device Driver is a small piece of software that tells computer (Operating system) how to communicate with connected hardware. In Simple words, it is a software program of connected device, Which helps in recognizing the device.

Operating System (Windows Based) -> Device Driver -> Device.

How to Update Device Driver.

First Method –

Step: 1 Connect USB Device to the Computer, And open device manager. To open Device Manager, Press Windows + R Key now run window will appear type devmgmt.msc and Press Enter.Open Device Manager

Alternatively, you can Right Click on My Computer> Properties> Device Manager (Check left Side Options)

Step: 2 Device manager window will show you all installed Drivers. To check or update USB devices driver, Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers option. And it will show you all USB device connected if USB device not recognized then it will show you Unknown USB Device.

Step: 3 To Update Driver Right Click on that unknown device and Choose Update Device Driver> Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software. (Make sure internet is connected)Search Automatically for Driver Software

If the computer is unable to find out device driver then download driver software from manufacture’s site.

Note: To Update Driver of your USB Device you can expand driver related menu. For Example, if it’s Keyboard then expand Keyboards section to update driver.

Second Method –

Well, It is not a method but an important information. Every USB Device comes with a small size Driver CD. By using it you can install the driver, And if you have already installed but got an error then reinstall it.Device Driver CD

– And If you don’t have Driver CD, Or unable to find out the driver. Then you can try some premium software like, Personally I prefer Uniblue Driver Scanner. Although there is some free software available, Uniblue can provide any device driver within a minute.

Solution: 4 Check for Windows Update.

When you connect a new device, Windows automatically tries to find out the device driver. And sometimes due to slow internet, the windows unable to update the driver. But you can manually get the update of your device from Windows Update Section.

Windows 10 – Tap on Start Button or Press Window button > Tap on Gear Icon to Open Settings App in Windows 10> Update & Security> Check for Updates. Windows Update - Check for Update

In Older version of Windows – Open Control Panel> System & Security> Windows Update (Fourth Section)

Solution: 5 USB Root Hub.

If after updating device driver “USB device not recognized” error still exist. Then you can try this solution also –

Step: 1 Open Device Manager (Check the third solution) and Expand Universal serial bus controller option.

Step: 2 Right Click on USB Root Hub and then choose properties. In properties window select Power Management option.USB Root Hub Properties

Step: 3 From power management section unmark “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” Option. Then, Tap on OK and then restart your computer. After restarting the computer, connect your device.USB Root Hub - Power Management

– If Still “USB device not recognized windows 10” error occur then mark that option again and restart Computer.

Solution: 6 Install Motherboard’s Latest Drivers.

The motherboard is the main circuit board of Computers that allows communication between many electronics component. So If motherboard driver is out-dated. Then also Computer unable to recognize USB Device.

How to Update Motherboard Driver.

To Update Motherboard chipset driver, First, you need to find out “Name of the Motherboard Manufacturer”. (Download CPU-Z Software to know information)CPU-Z Motherboard Manufacturer

Then Visit Manufacturer support site and then find the appropriate driver to update. You can also get installation instruction from support site.

Or, If you’re unable to find out the driver. Then you can contact custthe omer care of your computer manufacturer.

Solution: 7 Fix Unknown USB Device Issue.

If you’re facing Unknown USB Device Error in device manager then you can try this method also.

– Open Device Manager and then expand the Universal serial bus controllers option.
– Now you will able to see Generic USB hub option.
– Right Click on it and choose Update Driver Software.
– An Update window will appears with two option.
– Choose to Browse my computer for driver Software
– On next window, Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers.
– From the list choose “Generic USB Hub option and tap the next button to complete the installation.

Solution: 8 Windows USB Troubleshooter.

If After trying all abovthe e solutions, Still computer is showing “USB Device not Recognized” Error. Then you can try out Windows official USB Troubleshooter.Windows USB Troubleshooter

It will diagnose, troubleshoot and fix all USB devices problems and issues. If your USB not being recognized by computer then this tool can fix the issue.

Note: Search Google for “windows USB troubleshooter” and you can download from official Microsoft site.

Solution: 9 Change Power Supply – Disable fast startup.

If fast startup option is enabled, Then also USB not recognized error occurs for some USB Devices. By Disabling fast startup option we can fix the issue. And If after disabling this option error still exist, Then you can enable this option.

– Open Control Panel > Go to Hardware and Sound> Power Options.

– In Power Options window click on “Choose What the power button does” option from the left side.Choose what the power button does
– On next window, unmark “Turn on fast startup” option and click on save changes option.Uncheck the Fast Startup Option

Now restart the computer and then try to connect USB Device.

Solution 10: Fix Android MTP USB Device.

If the problem is with your Android Device and windows is showing USB Device Not Recognized Error. Or showing MTP device, Instead of your device name in Device manager. Then you can follow this solution to fix this issue, and you”ll able to see the device in windows explorer.

– Open Device Manager and connect Android Device (Choose Transfer files option in Android).
– Right Click on MTP Device / Unknown Device and choose Update Driver Software.
– Choose to Browse My computer to Driver Software > Let me Pick> From Driver list choose Android Device.
– Next window you”ll get two option to choose “MTP USB Device” and click next.MTP USB Device

Done, Computer will recognize your Android device and you can access your device and transfer files.

Solution 11: Disable USB Selective Suspend.

– Open Control Panel> Go to Power Option> Click on Change Plan Settings.

– From left side options click on “Change advanced power settings”.

– On Advanced Settings window, Scroll a little bit and expand USB Settings> USB selective suspend settings

– Disable both option – On Battery, Plugged In and then click on OK to apply changes.USB Selective suspend setting

Restart your computer, and then try to connect your USB Device. If still, it doesn’t work then you can enable both options.

So, These are the possible ways to fix the Error “USB Device not Recognized”. If still, you’re unable to solve the issue then you can comment your USB Device details. And I will try to provide you best solution for your problem.

Mainly, this error occur due to the driver issue, So please make sure devithe ce driver is installed. Or sometimes due to hardware issue like faulty cable, faulty USB port issue.