Get Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows 10, Android.

Chrome Dark Mode

Recently, I have written a few articles on activating dark mode in some major Android Apps. So now, I am going to start writing some methods to enable dark mode in Windows PC. And, this article is part of it. If you’re using Windows from a long ago. Then, I think, you’re using Chrome Browser to browse the Internet. Even, I like to use the Chrome Browser for all my work. But, In only thing, Chrome disappoints us is, that is lacking Chrome Dark Mode. Last year, YouTube introduced a dark theme feature to enable dark mode on YouTube. And, No doubt, soon Google will add a similar feature in Chrome Browser. But now you don’t need to wait for the official release. Because with some extensions and themes, you can easily archive full dark mode on Google Chrome.

How much the Dark Mode is useful in Chrome?.

Trust me, Dark mode in Chrome Browser will change your whole experience of browsing the Internet. If you use Chrome in the night, then white screen puts excessive strain on your eyes. Dark mode will reduce eye strain. And, it will help you work for a longer period of time. If you’re using a laptop, then you should definitely activate dark mode in Chrome. Because it will save your laptop battery. So that you can use your laptop for a longer period without charging. Overall, there are many positive sides of Chrome Dark Mode.

Activate Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows 10.

Install Dark Reader Extension.

Dark Reader is a highly customizable Chrome extension. With this Extension, you can archive complete dark mode in Chrome. Even, it will work on any site you will open in Chrome. Dark Reader is eye care extension, that inverts bright colours into the dark. Means, it turns White into black and vice-versa. There are various customization options available in this extension. You can adjust brightness, contrast, dark mode, sepia filter, font settings and ignore-list. The best thing is the extension is ad-free and secure.

1. Open Chrome Web Store and search for “Dark Reader”.

2. Click on the first extension from the search result. And then, click on “Add to Chrome > Add extension”.Dark Reader Chrome Extension

That’s it. Now you will able to see dark mode on every new website you will open. But, still, you haven’t archive full dark mode on Chrome. For that, you have to install a dark theme.

Install Chrome Dark Theme.

Apart from extensions, Chrome Web Store also provides themes. And, there are many Dark themes available for Chrome.

1. Open dark themes collection of Chrome Web Browser.

2. Click on the whichever theme you like and then click on “Add to Chrome”.

Personally, I suggest using “Morpheon Dark”, because of good reviews.Morpheon Dark Theme

After activating the Morpheon Dark theme, Chrome Dark Mode will get activated fully.

Chrome Dark Mode on Android.

Chrome’s Android version doesn’t allow the user to install extensions and themes. Though, there are few browsers that do support Chrome extensions. But, we want dark mode or night mode in Chrome. Google Chrome Dark Mode for Android is currently under development. That’s why Dark mode is available in the beta version of Android under flags settings. Though, if you don’t want to use the beta version of Chrome. Then you need to wait for it to release in the stable version. And soon, You will get a dark mode option in the main settings menu.

1. Install Chrome Beta from Play Store. (No need to install stable version. You can use both Apps simultaneously.)

2. In URL or Web address bar type chrome://flags and press enter.

3. Now, In search flags, type dark.

Immediately, you will able to see two experimental feature.

  • Android Web Contents Dark Mode.
  • Android Chrome UI Dark Mode.Activate Google Chrome Dark Mode on Android

4. Enable both these features. And, you will get an option to relaunch Chrome, tap on it.

That’s it. Personally, I found that UI dark mode isn’t working currently for me. If it’s working for you, then, please comment.


So, these are the methods to get full dark mode in Chrome Browser. I have checked flags settings of Chrome Windows Beta version. But, dark mode is missing from there. So, the only way to get dark mode is through a dark theme and dark reader extension. On the other side, In android by using the beta version you can get dark mode. If you’re reading this article after a month or later. Then, it could possible that dark mode got officially released. Because it’s available in the beta experimental feature.