How to Change WiFi Password of any Wireless Router.

How to Change WiFi Password

Want to know, how to change WiFi Password?. Then, this article will help you to change WiFi password within a minute. And, the method added in this article, will work on every wireless router. So, it will not matter, which manufacturer wireless router you have.

The wireless router helps us to share the Internet with many people. And, we can prevent unauthorized access of the WiFi by adding a password to it. However, once in a month, we should change our WiFi password. Because, who knows, maybe our neighbor might be using our WiFi. However, it could also possible that you forgot your WiFi password. Or, you had shared WiFi password with some people. And now, you don’t want them to use your WiFi. Well, the reason could be anything. Let’s not get into that. And, start the guide, for which you’re reading this article.

How to Change WiFi Password.

Changing WiFi password is like a piece of cake. But only after you know certain things about your router. Here I am talking about IP address and administrator login details. Don’t worry if you don’t know, you can easily find out everything.

Locate the IP of your Wireless Router.

With the help of router IP address. You will able to access the settings of your router, by using the browser. So, before finding out the administrator login details. You should find out your router IP address.

By default almost every router IP address should be or Though, it could possible that your router IP is different. So, here is the easiest way to find out default gateway of your wireless network. Before trying out any of these methods to find out IP. Make sure, you’re connected to that wireless router.

In Windows.

1. Click on the Windows start button, search for CMD.


After that, you will able to see “run as administrator” option. Click on it.

2. Now, In command prompt type the following command, and press enter key.

ipconfig /all


In command results, now check “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi” section. The Default Gateway address is your IP address of the router. Locate the IP of your Wireless Router

In Mac OS.

1. Do open the System Preferences – First, Press Alt + F2 to open Display system pane. Now, press CMD + L, and Display system pane will get change into system preferences.

2. Click on network option, available under the Internet & Wireless section.

3. Now, go to Wi-Fi > Advanced > TCP/IP.

Here, you will able to see IP address of your wireless router.

In Android.

If you’re an Android user, then you don’t even need to type any command.

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & Internet > Tap on connected WiFi network.

Now, Android will show you all network details, including gateway address.Check Router IP in Android

In Apple’s iPhone.

If you’re an iOS user, then go to settings > WiFi > tap on (i) icon.

Now, in the router field, you will able to see IP address.

Find out the administrator login details.

When you will try to access Wireless router settings page using IP. It will ask you for the username and password. Which you can find out to the bottom of your Wireless router. As you can see, my username and password both are “admin”. Also, as you can see default login address also available. So, I can use that URL instead of IP. (Some manufacturer put login details on documentation for some security reasons. Instead of the router.)Default Access Information of Router

If for some reasons, you or someone else changed administrator login details. Then, you need to reset your router. And, after resetting, username and password will get set to default. To reset router you can use reset key. Which you can find out in the connectivity area of the router.
Ok, so now I am assuming you got your login details. If still, you haven’t then, you can search it for. You can use the following search term.

Example – The default username and password of TP-Link TL-WR740N

(Replace TP-Link TR-WR740N with your wireless router model name and number.)

Login and Change WiFi Password.

Ok so now, you got login address and login details. Open any browser and then enter the default IP address. After that, enter the default login details. And, then click on sign in.Show wifi password Android Router admin panel

  • Go to wireless > wireless settings.
  • Here, you will able to see your current password.
  • Now, to change WiFi password. Erase the old password, and then, enter your new password.

Change WiFi Password

  • After that, scroll down and then click on save button.

IMPORTANT – There are four types of WiFi security protocols – WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3. Though, WPA/WPA2 is quite famous. You can also choose an encryption method. While selecting wireless security.

Reboot Wireless Router.

After changing the router password, now you need to reboot the router. To reboot you can use the power key. (check connectivity area for the power key.) Press the power key to turn off the router. Wait for a minute and then turn it on. Or, You can directly turn off the router from the wall socket. And, then turn it back on after a minute.

Check who is connected to your WiFi.

If you want to change your Wi-Fi password only because, someone else is using. Then, I suggest you not to change. You can block that user. To do that, read my article on – Who is connected to my WiFi.