How to Play Java Games on Android Without Root

Play Java Games on Android Without Root

It’s 2022, and Java-supported devices are now completely vanished. Personally, I have used a java mobile (manufactured by Nokia) in my childhood days. And, I am sure you also used a java mobile in the ’90s. That’s why you want to play Java Games on Android. Many Java Games are currently available on the Play Store. But, still, there are many games that are not available for Android. Currently, numerous ways are available to run java games on Android.

On Quora, Many users are asking “How I can play Java Games on Android?.” And, many people are replying, that you need to root your device first then you can play. But I don’t think, It’s a good idea to root an Android device. There are many negative sides to using a rooted Android device, root makes the device vulnerable. And, some people will tell you to convert the Jar file into Apk. This is technically not possible, and the Apk file will not work.

Well, you don’t need to do all this, you can easily open JAR files on Android smartphones. So, without wasting further time, here’s how, you can play Java Games without root. Moreover, now you can also Run Windows Programs on Android.

Play Java Games on Android using an Emulator

J2ME Loader – Java Emulator

The best way to play java games on any Android device is, by using the J2ME loader App. It is a java emulator, which helps to run Jar and Jad files. The best part of this App is, You don’t need to root your device. You can play any java game with one click. It is an open-source App So if you’re App Developer. Then you can check the source code on GitHub.

This emulator is capable to play 2D Games. You can also play 3D games, but there are a few Limitations. Games like “Mascot Capsule 3D” will not work in this emulator. The emulator comes with a virtual keyboard and also scaling support. The scaling feature allows resizing the game screen, according to your mobile screen size. The app is completly free and launched this month.

Get J2ME Loader from the Play Store

App to Download Java Games. 

Yes, there are so many websites available to download Java Games. But, there is an App available on the Play Store, that has a large collection of Java Games. J2ME Java App is created to download java games that are playable in J2ME Loader.

Install J2ME Java App from Play Store

Setup J2ME Loader to Play Java Games on Android.

1. After downloading the J2ME emulator on your Android Device. Download the Java Game file using the J2ME app.

2. Now, move that file to a known folder, it will help you to access the file. By default, App saves files in Downloads Folder.

3. Open J2ME Loader App app. First, do allow storage access to the App.

4. Now, App will ask you to create a working directory if it doesn’t exist, Tap on Create.

Create J2ME Loader Working Directory

5. Tap on + Icon in J2ME Loader App. And navigate to the folder in which you have downloaded the Game File. Tap on the Game, that you have downloaded. (It’s one time process, next time you can play games directly from the main screen.)

Select JAR File to Play Java Games on Android


6. Now, a popup screen will appear when the Java Game is installed. Tap on Start.

Open Java Game in Android

Now, to play java games on Android, all you need to do is just tap on the Game from  Home Screen. When you will tap on the Java Game, it will show you a configuration screen.

Customize Java Game Configuration and Start Game

1. The configuration page allows setting the screen size for specific java Games. By default, App shows a 240 x 320 screen size. If you have a large screen Android device, it is the too-small screen size of the Game. You can use presets option, to change the game screen size. But, I suggest you don’t mess with any settings.

2. If you will scroll down, you will be able to see virtual keyboard options. You can disable that option if you want. To start the Java Game click on the start button.

Customize Java Game Setting for Android

Retro2ME – J2ME Emulator

Retro2ME is another Java Games Emulator for Android devices. If you don’t like the J2ME Loader App user interface, then Retro2ME is for you. Retro2ME gives an old java phone experience with an old phone keypad on your Android device. This means you have to use the number keys to play games. You will feel like you’re playing java games on an old phone. App also allows you to change themes, even you can buy a custom theme if you like. No worries, you can run java games for free using this App. The hardware Acceleration option is also available. Although, it doesn’t support some 3D Java Games.

1. First, do install Retro2ME – J2ME Emulator App on your Android Smartphone.

2. Open the App, Allow storage access. After that, from the app home screen, tap on “Install Games”.

3. File manager will get open within the app, navigate to the java games directory. (Where you have stored jar files.) And, do select the Game.

Retro2ME - Best JAVA Emulator for Android

4. App will install jar file. When installation gets completed, tap on “select game”.

5. Java games list will appear, tap on the java game that you want to play.

Play Java Games using old Keypad on Android

6. Selected Java Game will now get started. You can use the old phone keyboard that appeared on the screen to experience classic JAVA Games.

MegaJ2ME (J2ME Emulator)

MegaJ2ME is another JAVA emulator for smartphones. Although, this emulator App looks like a copied version of the J2ME Loader App. But, some users claim that it can play some games that J2ME Loader can’t. Yes, the emulator setup process is exactly the same. One thing that I find different in this emulator is the gamepad. The Gamepad of this emulator seems better. So, you can give it a try.

Install MegaJ2ME (J2ME Emulator) from the Play Store


That’s how you can install and run java apps and games on any Android device. Although, there are many other emulators and programs available. But, J2ME Loader and Retro2ME, both apps are quite good to run jar files on Android. If you like the old java phone look, then you can install Retro2ME. Else, J2ME Loader is one of the best JAVA emulators. Moreover, you can use the J2ME Java app to download Games JAR files. If you know of any other better App or way to run java files on Android, then feel free to comment.