Get Screen Darkener – Reduce screen brightness beyond the limit.

Screen Darkener - reduce screen brightness

Are you facing eye strain? It happens when we work more than five hours continuously on the computer. Nowadays monitor comes with an eye protector sensor & Blue light filter, which reduce eye strain. But if you’re using an old laptop or computer then you might face eye strain and pain. But by reducing screen brightness with a Screen Darkener, you can get rid of it.

Every laptop or computer monitor comes with a minimum brightness level. You can’t reduce it below 0% unless you’re using some third-party program. If you spend hours on YouTube then you can enable YouTube dark mode. But if you use your computer for other work then you can try this method to get a screen darkener/screen dimmer for PC.

Screen Darkener Program – Reduce Screen Brightness.

Solution 1: Get Dark Screen – Display Color Calibration.

If you don’t want to Install any third-party screen dimmer program then you can try this solution. Windows and Mac OS comes with an inbuilt program, which allows changing colors of the monitor. This program will not allow the darker screen, But still, it can reduce screen brightness. All you need to do is set gamma too low, and your screen will turn into a little bit dark.

Step: 1 Go to control panel and search for display > click on Calibration display color and a Window will appear.

Alternative Method – Press the Win + R key to open the run window, Type dccw.exe, and press enter.

Step: 2 Click on the Next button three times to skip the intro part, now on the next window, it will ask you to set Gamma. To get a screen darkener to move the slider at a low level and it will dim the screen a little bit.Display Color Cailbration - Screen Darkener

If the still screen is too warm and the contrast is too high, then click on next until you reach the “Adjust color balance” window. Here you can set an RGB color and can make your cooler. If anytime you want to reset settings then move the RGB slider to the right side of the screen.

Solution 2: Get Screen Darkener – Night Mode Pro Chrome Extension.

If you use your PC only for Chrome Web Browser then you can try this Chrome extension. By using this extension you can get a dark mode for all sites, But in the chrome browser only.

Step 1: Open the Chrome web store and search for “Night Mode Pro” and click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Screen Darkener - Night Mode Pro

Step 2: To enable dark mode in chrome using this extension – Tap on the extension icon and select the first Active Bulb Icon. You’ll also able to find a slider to set the darkness level, set it to 50% to get a visible and dark screen.Screen Darkener - Night Mode Pro settings


To check dark mode is active or not open any site, It will not work on previously opened sites you need to reload the page. You can also get black screen mode by selecting the second bulb from the night mode pro extension icon.

Solution 3: Screen Dimmer Software / Screen Darkener Software.

There are multiple programs available for Windows PC to reduce screen brightness. But the best program is Dimmer by Nelson Pires. Search google for “dimmer nelson” and you”ll get the tool from the first website.

Note: I can’t provide the direct link to this tool If you’re unable to find out feel free to comment.

About Dimmer V1.0 – It is a free application designed to control brightness. It reduces brightness to beyond the limit of hardware capable of. It is useful if you work in a dark room, and minimum brightness is still too much for you. It works will all types of monitors like LED, LCD, TFT. The dimmer program will not damage your computer screen, It just uses a dark layer to reduce the brightness level.

Step: 1 Download the dimmer program from its official website, and then extract it using 7 Zip or other file extractor tool.Dimmer 1.0 - Darkener Screen

Step: 2 Open the Extracted folder and run the dimmer program, and it will dim your screen. If you want to adjust the darkness level then go to the notification area of windows. There you can find the dimmer icon, Right-click on it and choose to configure option.Dimmer configuration - Darkener Screen

A small configuration window will appear now, use the slider to set the darkness level. Sometimes darkness level of the screen fluctuates but still, it is the best option to dim your screen.

Solution 4: Use F.lux Software.

F.lux is an eye saver software, develop only to adjust your computer screen according to your eyes. It allows setting computer screen colors according to the weather of your current city. Or you can make your computer screen look like your room. This means when the sun sets, it will make the screen look according to indoor lights. And in the morning it will make your screen like a normal screen.

But you”ll not able to find out any option to dim the screen, Still, you can get a screen darkener using some hotkeys.

Step: 1 First, Download and Install F.lux software on your computer, after that run the program.

Step: 2 If color automatically gets changes after launching it, then right-click on F.lux Icon (check notification area). Go to disable and choose until sunrise option, it will disable F.lux for temporary.

flux - screen darkener

Dim Screen using F.lux.

Use Alt+Pg in – By pressing this hotkey 2-3 times you can reduce screen brightness below 0%.
Use Alt+Pg up – By pressing this hotkey you can increase brightness or back to the default brightness.

If anytime you want to terminate the dark screen you can press Alt+End hotkey. Don’t close F.lux while using the dark screen, otherwise, the screen brightness level will go automatically into default brightness level.


These are the four working methods to reduce screen brightness or get screen dimmer on windows. If you’re still confused about which one to choose then try the third method first. Because the dimmer program is very small and offers what we want to do. But if you want to make changes in screen colors then you can try F.lux, It will help you to get a warm screen. That’s all folks If you know any other better software or solution feel free to comment.