Best Apps to Learn Coding / Programming.

Best Apps to Learn Coding

It’s always good to learn something new. And, if you have decided to learn to code for whatsoever reason. Then, this is the best decision of your life. If you want to learn to code just to get a job. Then, surely coding can lead you to software development jobs. And, it could also lead you to freelance work, if you hate 9-5 cubicle job. Well, there are multiple ways to learn any programming language. You can join a coaching class in your area. Or, you can attend an online video lecture by subscribing some premium coding course. But, If you don’t have enough time to attend a class or watch videos. Then, there are some best coding Apps available to learn almost all programming language efficiently.

Well, these Apps can help you to learn all the basics of programming languages. But, to become a good programmer, you have to practice by yourself. Because, Unfortunately, there isn’t any magic potion, that can turn you into a pro coder overnight. But, these coding Apps can help you to learn coding easier and faster.

Note: If you’re confused that, which programming language you should learn first. Then, I will suggest you start with Python.

Best Apps to Learn Coding.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free.

SoloLearn is one of the best Apps to learn Coding. On Play Store, with 5+ million downloads, this App got 4.8 ★ ratings out of 5 ★. The App offers a large collection of free code learning content, from beginner to pro. Though, If you want ad-free experience with advanced tools, then you can subscribe pro version of the App. Otherwise, coding content is free, and ads aren’t much or annoying. With this App, you can learn many web development and programming language courses. Even, Machine Learning course also available. SoloLearn has its own forum, in which you can talk and ask questions, with the friendliest community of coders.SoloLearn Learn to Code for Free

The app comes with the mobile code editor, in which you can write and run the real code. If you know to code in any programming language. Then you can create lessons, and become a community influencer. Once you start a course in App, then you can’t jump anywhere in the middle of the course. Means, you have to go through a sequence. Every part of a programming language comes with related questions, base on what you had learned. And, if you answer it correctly, then only you can move further.

In this App, You can Learn the following:

Java, Python, Kotlin, C & C++, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Machine Learning, Swift, Git, Algorithms & Data Structures, Design Patterns and many other topics. Web Development (Including CSS3, HTML5, JQuery and JavaScript).


Install SoloLearn App from Play Store. (Web Version of this App also available.)

Programming Hub: Learn to Code.

After SoloLearn, this is the App that I find the best Apps to learn to code through mobile. Programming Hub App does come with audio teaching. Means, when you start a lesson, you don’t even need to read. The App will read it for you. App offers its own compiler, that you can use to run your codes. In this App, you can find out a large collection of programming course to learn. Even, Game development course is available in this App.Programming Hub - Best Apps to Learn Coding

But, the App isn’t completely free. After two interactive lessons of any course, App asks to buy a premium subscription. So, If you are facing difficulty in learning to code from Solo-Learn App. Then, you can install and try this App. Wait! Wait!, there is a cheats section in every course. Which is like a programming book. Means, you can read all programming lesson with an example for free. Also, there is a program section in every course, in which you can find an example of all topics. Overall, this is also one of the best Apps to learn Coding.


The App offers the following courses to learn:

Mobile & Web App Development Course: JavaScript, Java Advanced, Swift, JavaScript Advanced, React Native, HTML, HTML Advanced, CSS.. (Android and iOS development course are coming soon.)

More Beginner and Advanced Course: Fundamentals, IT Basics, HTML, Java, C, C Advanced, C++, C++ Advanced, Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Python, Python Advanced, C# (C Sharp), Php, Artificial Intelligence, VB 6, SQL, Assembly 8086, VB.Net, JQuery, Ruby, Shell Script, R Programming, Machine Learning, Cryptography, Unity.

Install Programming Hub App on Android. 

Mimo: Learn to Code.

This App is not that good like Solo Learn and Programming Hub. But still, this App offers many courses that other Apps doesn’t. Like courses like Automated Tasks, Big Data, Browser Tracking is available to learn. If you want to start your carrier as an ethical hacker. Then, there are three different cybersecurity course available in this App. The teaching user Interface of this App is similar to Solo-Learn App.Mimo Learn to Code

Like Programming Hub, many course and chapter in this App are locked. And, you have to buy a premium subscription to unlock it. I suggest you check your desire courses in other Apps. If you didn’t find out, then you can take subscription of this App. There is a challenge section in this App. Which you can choose a language (JavaScript or Swift) and can find daily coding challenges.

The app does provide six categories of courses to learn:

  1. Mobile Development – Swift, Kotlin, Git, Command-Line, Android and iOS development, Mobile APIs, Instagram stories.
  2. Web Development – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React (A JavaScript Libary).
  3. Programming Languages – Python, PHP, Kotlin, Java, Ruby, C, C#, C++.
  4. Data Science – SQL, Python, R (Learn Data Manipulation), Big Data, Machine learning.
  5. Digital Latency – Blockchain, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Self Driving Cars, Browser Tracking.
  6. CyberSecurity – Ethical Hacker Course, CyberSecurity, Malware and Viruses.

Install the Mimo App from Play Store.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free.

Grasshopper App got 4.7 ★ ratings with over 1+ million downloads. Though, the language you can learn with this App is limited. Currently, the App does offer only JavaScript language to learn. But, In future updates, you will able to see Python and Java also. Because these three languages are good enough to start your carrier as a developer. And, this App is for a beginner programmer only.Grasshopper

The teaching method of this App is very intuitive. In Javascript, After each lesson App asks you to solve Visual puzzles, that develop your problem-solving skills. Yes, there is a forum of this App. Where you can talk and take help of pro developers. Overall, the App is good to learn JavaScript in a fun way.

Install Grasshopper on your Android.

Summing up. – Best Apps, to Learn Coding.

So these are the best apps to learn to code. If you are looking for a completely free app, and you’re a beginner. Then, Solo Learn is the App, that you’re looking for. Though, If you can afford to buy a premium subscription then programming hub is the right App. It does offer all courses that even not available on SoloLearn App. But, If you hate these Apps method of learning. Then, you can watch a video lecture on YouTube. Or, if the course isn’t available on YouTube, then Udemy is the right platform. That’s it. If you know about any other better App, feel free to comment.