Best Offline Android Games, Games to Play Without Internet

Best offline android games

The best thing to do, when you’re getting bored – is Play Games. On Play Store, millions of Games are available, Which you can play on your Android devices. According to a survey, 60% of Android users play games, when their internet doesn’t work. So, downloading some best Offline Android Games is a good idea. Many Android Games that use the Internet connection, show some annoying ads. And, those online games become useless, If we don’t have an Internet connection.

Maybe you’re searching for Offline games. Because you have a limited data pack. Or you don’t want to waste your data in additional files of the games. Whatever is the reason, All you need some games which you can play Without the internet. Unfortunately, Play Store doesn’t have any specific category for offline Android Games. Here in this article, I am going to list down some best offline Android Games. Which you can play when you don’t have an internet connection.

Best Offline Android Games

Red Ball 4

If you ever played any Mario Games then you will definitely love this Game. The game starts with a funny story – Some evil monsters, want to turn the planet into a square shape. And all you need to do is kill all monsters, by jumping on them. Although, there are many red ball games available on Play Store. But personally, I felt this game was quite interesting.

Red Ball 4

Currently, this Game has 75 levels and after every 14 levels, you need to fight with the monster’s boss. If you don’t like the color of the ball character then, you can change it with 7 other balls. You will be amazed to know, the Official MERCH (T-shirts) of this Game is also available. Which you will like to buy after playing it.

Is this Game requires an internet connection?

When you launch this Game, It asks you to log in. That time you need an internet connection for a second. But still, If you don’t have an internet connection, then Game will automatically skip that login part. And you can play this Game Offline and for Free. Although, If you want unlimited lifeline, then you need to pay $2 (120 INR).

Requires Android Version – 4.0.3 and higher.

Get Red Ball 4 from Play Store.

Mmm Fingers

It is the best free offline Android Game, Which you will love to play. Maybe you already heard about this Game, Because this game has 10 million downloads on Play Store. You don’t need any skills or an active mind to play this Game. All you need to touch your finger on the screen and try to move without touching Hungry monsters. There is one rule of this Game, you can’t lift your finger, and you need to complete the game with a single touch.

Mmm Fingers

This game doesn’t require internet, but if you want to, update your score on the leaderboard. Then you need an internet connection, to Compete against your friends. This game is developed by the creators of a small fry and Flappy Golf.

Requires Android – 2.3 and up.

Get Mmm Fingers from Play Store.

Six! – Best offline Android Games

Six is one of the offline best puzzle games, Which you can play without the internet. There are two six-game available on Play Store, But the original game is developed by Gram Games. In this game, you need to interact with a block tower, which contains various shapes. All you need to do is tap on bricks to disappear them, and try to get down the hexagon.

Six - Best Puzzle Games

It sounds easy? But it isn’t. Hexagon falls from the tower if you tap on the wrong brick shape. The game comes with three difficulty levels – hard, classic, and speed. If you use this game with an active internet connection, then you will get daily Challenges. This game comes with normal ads, But if you play without the internet then you will not get any.

Requires Android Version – 4.1 and up.

Get Six from Play Store.

Dr. Driving

If you love driving simulation games, then this is one of the best offline android games. This game is originally developed by SUD Inc. Due to the popularity of this game, the developer of this Game launched Dr. Driving 2 this year. You can play this game without an internet connection. But to use the multiplayer feature, you need an internet connection.

Dr. Driving.

Apart from the car, you can also drive a truck in this game. The game has many difficulty levels – like fuel challenge, Parking, Broken Brake, Truck, Lane, speed, highway and many Others. And these levels you can play in the offline mode of the Game. This game developer also created a few more games, which are also free offline games. Like Dr. Parking, Dr. Rocket, Dr. Pipe, Dr. Pair, Dr. Solitaire, and many more.

Android Version requires – 4.0.3 and up.

Get Dr. Driving from Play Store.

Into the dead

If you like the endless running game, then this is a good offline Game for you. In this game, you need to move forward to the opposite side of zombies. And if approx 5 zombies hit you, then you will get die. While playing the game you will feel like you’re in the gruesome world of zombies. You can also unlock some weapons to stay alive in the Game.

Into the dead

If you play this game online, then you can challenge your friend, to beat your high score. The game comes with four different control schemes – tilt, touch, thumb-stick, and thumb-stick mirrored. You can also select Graphics quality between Low to High. The game also supports multiple languages, So you can play the game in 15 different languages.

Android version required – 4.1 and up.

Get Into the Dead from Play Store.

Stick Hero

This game is small but not as simple, as it looks. In this game, you need to stretch the stick to move forward to the next platform. While moving from one platform to another, you also need to collect some berries. One thing that you need to take care of while playing this game is – doesn’t stretch stick too much or too Less. Else you will fall from the platform and will lose the Game.

Stick Hero

Recently, developers added “Slash Watermelon Mode” to this game, which is quite interesting. In this mode, you need to slash watermelon through the Stick. And then you can jump to the next Platform. This game is one of the best offline android games. But it requires the internet to update the score on the leaderboard.

Android version required – 2.3 and higher.

Get Stick Hero from Play Store.

Mad dex

Mad dex is one of the best offline android games, which you can play without the internet. This game is about a small but brave character, Mad Dex. The love of his life is kidnapped by a merciless monster. Currently, the game has 55 levels, And soon developers are going to add more.

Mad Dex

This game is quite challenging, you need to avoid all traps. Fight with the boss to save your girlfriend. With Mad dex, you can run, jump, and Stick to walls. You can play the entire game Offline. But to upload a score on the global leaderboard, you need an internet connection. The game comes with a peppy soundtrack and awesome visual Effects. After completing this game, you can also try out the second version of it.

Android version needed – 3.0 and up.

Get Mad Dex from Play Store.

Deadroom Game

Deadroom is the best free Offline action game. The whole Game is based on a black-and-white theme. This game has only 20 levels, but all are hard and Challenging. Enemies in this game are extremely angry and waiting to tear you apart. Each level has a deadly trap, you need to find a door to reach the next level.


Recently, the developer added some checkpoints in the game. So if you die after the checkpoint, then you can continue playing from the last checkpoint. You can also change the character of the Game, but it requires an internet connection.

Get Deadroom from Play Store.

Doodle Jump

Maybe you already heard about this Game, Because it was available for JAVA mobiles. It is the best game of 2015, and the wildly addictive best offline android game. In this game, All you need to do is jump on the platform, and archive a high score. If you fall then you will lose the game. In between the game, you also get the rocket launcher, to boost your score.

Doodle Jump

The game comes with many fantastical worlds like – Ninja, Space, Underwater, Snow, Halloween, and Pirated! While playing the game you will also find out some Black Holes. You can play the game offline. But if you want to update your score, then you need an internet connection.

Get Doodle Jump from Play Store.

Lost Journey

This game is awarded “2015 best Games” and trust me it is the top best offline game. The whole game run in the mirror world, you can flip the scene to find new path and opportunities. In this game, you can reverse gravity, manipulate space, and can bend time. The Asian music of this Game is very nice, it will give you a relaxed feel while playing.

Lost Journey

The story is about Jennifer, who is lost. But still, have hope in the journey after death. The game has a leaderboard, which shows your position, according to country, world, and friends. Last year, this game was available in the paid version, but now this game is Free.

Get Lost Journey from Play Store.

Benji Bananas

This game is one of the best offline android games, which is based on fun physics. This game character is the monkey, you need to help him to collect bananas and jump from vine to vine. With bananas, you can upgrade your power, so the more bananas you collect, the more power you get. The game comes with various landscapes – a temple, waterfall, and jungle.

Benji Bananas

You can also clothe your monkey in a ninja costume and gas mask. Also, you can upgrade or change ropes – snakes, vines, and burning ropes are available. Special power packs are also available – chili boost, eagle ride, and jet-pack.

Get Benji Bananas.


LIMBO is paid, but one of the best adventure games that you can play without an internet connection. At first, this game was only available for Windows PC, but now it is also available for Android. This game cost you around $5, but trust me it’s worth it.


The story is about a boy, whose sister is lost. And, he is trying to find her in a dark world. The game is quite interesting, there are various puzzles that you need to solve to move forward. I can’t describe this game in words, the demo version of this game is available. Which, you can download if you don’t want to pay.

Get LIMBO from Google Play Store.

Hill climb racing

It is the most addictive and entertaining game, which is based on physics. There are many similar games available on the play store, but this is one of the best offline android games. Games come with lots of cars, which you can unlock by collecting coins. You can also upgrade your car engine and fuel tank to complete levels.

Hill Climb Racing

The game comes with so many levels, even the moon level is also available. At the moon level, you can also fly your car and can collect coins in the air. If you use this game with an internet connection then also you can share your score with your friends. Garage mode is also available – In which you can build your dream vehicle with custom parts. The game has total of 27 + levels and 28 + vehicles. Levels aren’t easy, but still, if you complete then you can download the second part of this Game.

Get Hill Climb Racing Game.

Solitaire Bliss

Featuring a vast inventory of card games such as Solitaire, Spider, Yukon, Golf, Hearts, and many more, Solitaire Bliss offers gamers an engaging gameplay experience suitable for online and offline play. Additionally, users can create an account where their gameplay and records are stored. Solitaire Bliss offers hints, guides, and strategic tips making it the perfect game to take on the road or anywhere you’ll be offline. Check out Solitaire Bliss.

Solitare Bliss Game


These are the top free offline android games, which you can play when your internet doesn’t work. Recently, my internet wasn’t working because of Jammer (A device that blocks mobile signals) in my city. And, I did spend most of my time playing the red ball 4 games. Still, there are more top offline games available like – Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, BADLAND, Leo’s fortune, and Rayman adventure. But most of the good games are paid. And some games are already popular, so everyone knows about them, like subway surfers. If you know about any other free offline android game, then feel free to comment.