Solutions to Fix Error Printing Message in Windows 11/10

Error Printing Windows 10

It’s quite annoying when, you want to print an important document, and an Error Printing message does appear. Well, if you’re unable to print anything, because of this error. Then, don’t worry about it. There are some solutions which you can try to fix this problem.

Though, lots of users are complaining about this problem after a Windows update. If you’re also facing this error after the update. Then, incompatible and outdated drivers might be the reason behind this problem. Also, it could be a hardware-related issue. Maybe, the printer cartridge isn’t installed properly, or it’s empty. Or, maybe you haven’t inserted printing paper in the tray properly. Though, whatever the reason, here are the solutions to try.

Fix – Error Printing Message in Windows 11/10

Clear the Print Queue.

Are you trying to print something, and nothing happening from Printer side?. Then, it could possible that printer queue has a stuck print job. This problem arises when the Printer is Offline, and you try to print. So, to fix Error Printing, you can delete the old Print job. You can do this manually.

1. Open Control Panel > Click on “View devices and printers”.

2. Under Printers section, you will able to see all old and new Printers that you have connected.

Right-Click on the currently active printer, and then click on “See what’s printing” option.

See what's printing

3. Here you will able to see all Pending Print Jobs. To clear all pending documents to Print. Click on Printer option from the menu, and then click on “Cancel All Documents”.

Cancel All Documents

That’s it. Now, make sure your Printer is Online. And, first try the next solution, before printing anything.

Restart Print Spooler Service.

Apart from Printer Driver, there is a service that is responsible for the printing process. Print Spooler service spools print jobs. And, handles interaction with the Printer. If this service is not working properly. Then, you will not able to Print anything or see your printers. So, the best way to fix it is, by restarting this service.

There are two ways to restart the Print Spooler Service. You can open services Window and can restart it manually. Or, can use some commands to restart.

1. Click on the Start button in Windows 10/11, and then search for CMD. Now, click on “Run as administrator”.

2. In command prompt now type these following commands. And, press the Enter key after each command to execute the command.

net stop spooler

del %systemroot%\System32\spool\printers\* /Q /F /S

net start spooler

Restart Print Spooler Service

Note: The first and third command is to stop and start Print Spooler Service. And, the second command is to clear all print queues. Alternatively, you can create a batch file of these commands.

Reinstall Printer Driver.

In Computing, the Device driver is a program, that controls a particular device attached to the Computer. And, the Printer driver is also doing the same for Printer. It helps Computer to identify the Printer and gives the ability Printer to Print. Overall, it does manage your Printer. So, if you’re facing the Error Printing problem in Windows 11/10. Then, by reinstalling the Driver, you can fix the problem easily.

If you have installed the Printer driver manually. Then, open the control panel and then uninstall the Printer Driver. And, after that, insert the driver CD and then reinstall the Driver.

Printer Driver CD

But, if you haven’t a driver CD or you had lost it. Then, you can download Printer Driver software from its official site of it.

Use Device Manager.

You can also manage your Printer Driver using Device Manager. But, make sure the Printer is Connected to the Computer. Else, the Printers section will not appear in Device Manager.

Disable and Enable Printer Driver.

1. Right-Click on Windows 11/10 start button, and then click on Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, expand Printer section.

Right-Click on your active Printer and then click on “Disable Device”.

Disable Printer Driver

A warning might appear, Click on Yes.

3. Now, after a minute, again right-click on the printer driver. And, this time, click on “Enable Device”.

Hope, Error Printing message got resolved now.

Uninstall Printer Driver.

Here, we are not deleting Driver software permanently. We are just uninstalling the driver software. And, on Windows restart, it will get installed automatically.

1. Open Device Manager again, Right Click on Printer and then click on “Uninstall Device”. A warning will appear, click on Uninstall. (Don’t mark, “Delete the driver software for this device” option.)Uninstall Printer Driver

2. Now, restart the Windows, and automatically, Printer Driver will get reinstalled.

That’s it. Though, you can also try to update the driver using the device manager. But, the Device manager will not able to find out the driver. So, you have to manually download the driver software.

Disconnect and Restart Printer.

If by reinstalling Printer Driver, and restating service don’t solve, printer status error. Then, you can try reconnecting and restarting the Printer.

1. To turn Printer Off, Press the Power button on the printer.

2. Disconnect the Power Cord of the Printer.

3. If it is a wireless printer, then disconnect the cord from the router. Or, if you’re using the wired printer, then disconnect USB Cable.

4. Turn off the Computer now. And, after that, wait for a minute.

5. Connect the cord again to the wireless router. (For Wired Printer – Reconnect USB Cable in a different port.) And, again wait for a minute and then start the Computer.

6. Now, reconnect the power cord. And, after that, turn on the Power button on the Printer.

That’s it, hopefully, this solution will fix printer error.

Use your Android Phone to Print.

If nothing works, you need to print the document urgently. Then, you can connect your Android device to the Printer. And then, can print a document. For Wired Printer, I have already written an article. So, read my article on, “Print from Android Phone“.