How to Post to Instagram from PC – Windows 10, macOS.

9 Ways to Post to Instagram from PC

Looking for a way to post to Instagram from PC? Then, your search ends here. Instagram is a popular app that needs no Introduction. But despite being a huge success. They still want to stay for the mobile platform only. Yes, you can use Instagram on a web browser. But, Web version comes with limited functionality. Even, Instagram DMs and post option is missing. In the web version, you can only browse Instagram feed. And, can do like and comment on the post.

If you’re using Instagram for marketing, branding. Then maybe, you’re using a DSLR to capture photos. And, the process for uploading DSLR quality photos to Instagram isn’t quite easy. First, you have to edit photos on the PC. Then, you have to go through the pain of transferring files from your PC to the smartphone. And, after that, you can upload it on Instagram.

Well not now, Here are some of the best ways to upload pictures to Instagram from Windows 10 and macOS.

Post to Instagram from PC.

Method 1: Post Photos from Web Browser. (Windows, macOS)

Yes, the Web version of Instagram doesn’t come with an upload option. But, when you open the Instagram web page in the Android or iOS browser. Then, Instagram works exactly the same as the App. So, by changing the user agent settings, we can open the mobile version of Instagram on PC.

A User Agent is a piece of code, that tells a website, what kind of device you’re using. So that the website can get open accordingly. So even if you’re using a computer. You can trick the Instagram site to show the mobile version.

It may sound complicated, but it is the easiest way. And, you don’t even need to download any third-party tool to do that. You can try this method is both Windows and macOS. Chrome and Safari both browsers allow changing the user agent.

1.1 Change User Agent in Google Chrome and post photos.

1. Open Google Chrome, and open the Instagram site in it. Login into Instagram, with your details.


2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I simultaneously, Chrome Developer Tools will get open.Open Chrome Developer Tools - Upload Post on Instagram

Alternatively, Right-Click on anywhere on the Instagram web page. And, then click on “Inspect”.

3. Now, to open the device toolbar, Press Ctrl + Shift + M simultaneously. Or, you can click on the toggle device toolbar option.Chrome toggle device Toolbar - Device Emulation


4. You can now select any emulated device. Just click on “responsive” to open the drop-down menu. And, select any device from it.

5. After selecting the device, reload the Instagram site. (Don’t close Chrome developer tools.)Chrome Device Emulation - Upload Photos on Instagram

6. That’s it, now you will able see upload option. Click on it, select the photo and click on Open.

So, this is the method to post photos to Instagram from PC.

1.2 Change User Agent in Safari Browser.

1. First, open the Instagram web page in the Safari browser and log in.

2. Open Safari browser, and, go to Safari > Preferences > select the “Advanced” tab.

3. Check the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” option. And, close “preferences” window.

4. Select Develop from the menu and then choose “User-Agent”.

5. After that, select the “Safari iOS – iPhone” string. And, safari browser will automatically reload the web page.

Method 2: Use Chrome Extension to Upload Photos.

If you find the first method complicated, though it isn’t. Then, this method is gonna be helpful for you. There are many chrome extensions available, that allow uploading photos. I have tried them all, to find out the best chrome extension.

Downloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message. – This extension not only will help to post photos on Instagram. Also, will help you to download Instagram photos and videos. With this extension, you can also view Instagram DMs on PC. The extension comes with stories support. So, you can upload Instagram stories directly from your PC.

How to install and use this Chrome Extension.

1. Open “Downloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message” chrome extension link in Chrome Web Browser.

2. Click on the Add to Chrome > Add extension option. And, the extension will get added into your Chrome browser.Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message Chrome

3. Open the Instagram site in the Chrome browser. If already open, the reload page to apply changes.

4. On the right side of your profile option, you will able to see the mobile icon. Click on it, and a separate window will get open.Instagram Direct Message - Mobile Icon

In that window, you will see exactly the same interface as the Instagram App.Post on Instagram from Chrome Browser

You can now upload posts and stories.

Method: 3 Use Android Emulator or OS to upload photos.

This is a quite good method to upload photos on Instagram from PC. But only, if you have a good PC. Because, Android Emulator does require good hardware to get run flawlessly. As you know, Android is an open-source OS. That’s why there are many best Android OS for PC available. Well, I will not suggest you to dual boot Android OS. Just to use an Instagram App. Android Emulators are good enough to use the Instagram Android App in Windows.

What is Android Emulator?.

If you not ever heard about an emulator, then you might be getting confused. Android Emulator is just like a Windows Software. The emulator does create Android Environment so that you can run Android apps within it.

There are various Android Emulators available which you can install. Though, I have tried Nox Player. And, it is a quite good emulator, does supports Play Store. So, you can install the Instagram app directly from the Play Store.Install Instagram App in Nox Player

Here are some other Android emulators, which you can try.

  1. BlueStacks.
  2. LD player.
  3. MEmu Emulator.
  4. Remix OS Player.


So, these are the best three methods to post to Instagram from PC. You can either change user agent and enable mobile view in Chrome Web Browser. Or, can use an extension to get post option. Or, if you want to use the Instagram App on PC. Then, Nox Player Android Emulator can help you. There are some third-party paid Apps also available. But, these methods are more than enough. I will keep updating this article with more methods. If you know any other way, feel free to comment.