Best Android Oreo Launcher Apps for all Android Device.

Android Oreo Launcher Apps

Searching for a Best Android Oreo Launcher? Follow this post you’ll found best one. Recently, Google announced its latest Android version and name “Android 8.0 Oreo”. Previously beta version of Android Oreo was available for Nexus and pixel devices. But now stable version will available for Nexus, Pixel, One Plus and for other Android devices. If you’re using Nexus and Pixel device then you can Install Android Oreo by flashing system Image.

How to Get Android Oreo on your Android Device.?

Not every smartphone will get Android Oreo update. Because smartphone companies are going to offer Android Oreo update to only their newly launched devices. But still, there are two possible ways to experience Android Oreo on your Smartphone.

Install Android Oreo Custom ROM – Still, there is not any Best Custom ROM available based on Android Oreo. But Lineage OS 15 is going to released soon for many devices, and you can check your device development on XDA forum.

Install Best Android Oreo Launcher Apps – As I mentioned, Google announced Android Oreo a few days back. So only a few Android O Launcher available and those are in Beta state, But still, you can try and experience Android 8.0 Oreo. Check out this list of currently available Best Android O Launcher Apps.

Best Android Oreo Launcher Apps.

Action Launcher – Oreo + Pixel on your phone

The only best launcher available on Google Play which is based on Android Oreo is Action Launcher. It comes with vibrant colors, customization options and some other unique features that make home screen smarter. There is no doubt that pixel launcher is powerful and best launcher that provided pixel devices experience.Action Launcher - Google Now Launcher Alternatives

It comes with all pixel launcher features like  creates the circular folder, swipes up to reveal full-screen apps tint the dock, and much more. Apart from all pixel launcher features it comes with Android Oreo 8.0 features which make it best Android Oreo Launcher. With pixel feature, you’ll get Full notification dots support, Quicktime, Shutters, quick bar, Smart-size icons. Also, it comes with icon packs hide and remove apps option same like nova launcher.

There is much more thing that you can do with Action Launcher, And it will turn your older Android Device into Android Oreo.

Download Action Launcher.

OO Launcher for Android O 8.0 Oreo.

OO Launcher is another best Android Oreo launcher fully based on Android 8.0 Oreo developed by NativeX. One of Best Nougat Launcher “NN” was also developed by the same developer. This launcher let Android user taste the latest Android O Oreo features without an upgrade. Apart from Android O user interface, It comes with many customization features.OO Launcher - Best Android Oreo Launcher Apps

OO Launcher Features.

It Comes with Android O features like Swipe up to access all apps, vertical drawer with recent apps, Android O Style Animation with round icons and much more. Also, It supports many themes, Icon Packs, and Wallpapers. You can hide Apps on Android and lock apps for security purpose. App Gestures support also available – Double tap to wake up and lock device, unread counters. Comes with built-in tools like – torch, battery saves and cleaner.

Get OO Launcher from Google Play.

O+ Launcher – Nice O Launcher.

O+ Launcher is also an Android 8.0 Launcher developed nice launcher apps. Currently this launcher is new but still, gives you Android Oreo look and feel. It provides many useful features to improve your phone’s performance and efficiency. It comes with Android style vertical & horizontal drawer with recent apps section. And if you’re using more than 60 apps then the launcher will show you A-Z sidebar.O+ Launcher - Best Android Oreo Launcher Apps

It supports many themes and icon pack like OO launcher. Also, you can hide and lock apps to keep your privacy. You can also lock desktop and phone booster also there. The app supports gestures and also unread notification counter feature also available with this launcher. You can call it alternative of OO launcher because it has almost same features.

Download O+ Launcher.


Still not many Android Oreo Launcher available on Google Play Store. Some launcher claim to be based on Android Oreo but actually, they are based on nougat. So if you really want to experience Oreo then try Action Launcher based on Android Oreo. That’s all folks if you know any other better Launcher based on Oreo feel free to comment.