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Movie streaming sites

Every month, dozens of movies get released. And it’s not possible to watch all movies when movies get released. But, still, the best place to watch all your favorite movies is the online streaming platform like Netflix and amazon prime. Because, on these sites, you can watch movies, whenever you want to. Although, some movies do release on Netflix, and some on Amazon Prime Video. And, not everyone can afford to pay for all these streaming services. That’s why people look for some free movie streaming sites. And, yes there are dozens of sites and apps available.

Are these streaming sites is legal and safe?.

These free movies streaming sites helps us to watch movie online without registration. And, if you’re thinking, how these sites can provide free movies. And, why Netflix and Amazon prime is charging money for it. Then, I have a simple explanation for it. Sites like Netflix does the partnership with movies making companies. And, in exchange Netflix provide money to these companies. But, these free movies streaming sites, provide movies illegally. Basically, these sites don’t have the rights to upload movies on their server.

But, Still, there are some movie streaming sites, that working fine. Because these sites aren’t hosting content on their own server, only providing links to watch movies online for free. And, yes you can watch the latest and even old movies on these sites. But, one thing you need to understand, some of these sites uses unwanted ads program. And, sometimes these ads are a little bit annoying. So, be careful while browsing these sites. Ok, so without wasting further time let’s start our list of sites to watch movies free online.

Free Movie streaming sites.

1. MoviesJoy.

There are not many ad-free sites available, to Watch Free Movies Online. But, I found this site, that lets you watch the latest movies for free. The best part is you don’t need to register before watching any Movies. MoviesJoy site doesn’t host any content on their server. The site does provide various streaming servers to watch content.MoviesJoy

Apart from the latest movies, the site also does offer many TV Series. On MoviesJoy, you can also select between many Genre of Movies. Even, you can select a country to sort movies. Not only new movies, but the site also lets you watch the oldest movies. Overall, the site has largest collection of Movies to Stream. User Interface of the site is integrated with IMDB. So, you can check the ratings before watching any movie.

2. Popcorn Flix.

If you’re searching for some free movies, then you can try this site. Although this site doesn’t provide latest movies, still site contains some great content. The bad thing about this site is, some movies aren’t available in some regions. And, if you want to watch those movies, then you need to use proxy sites. Popcornflix site does not only allow you to stream movies. But, also you can watch some good tv series. Popcornflix Movies streaming sites

Movies are divided into multiple sections, like new arrivals, popular, action, thriller, comedy. The site uses some user-friendly ads, which is a good thing. Popcorn Flix mostly publishes independent feature films. And, service is currently available in united states and Canada only. With Popcorn Flix you can stream movies on Xbox, PS and Windows Platform. This site is completely legal, that’s why it is one of the best free movie streaming sites.

3. Crackle.

If you’re searching for some Legal movie streaming sites, then crackle is for you. Crackle is an online distributor of web shows, latest movies, and TV Shows. It was founded in the early 2000s and later re-branded in 2017 by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Like any other free movies sites, you don’t need to signup to watch movies on crackle.

Although it’s legal and completely free. But, the site doesn’t publish the latest movies. Still, you can watch some awesome movies and some good TV Shows. Which is available only on crackle, known as crackle originals. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures, so you can watch hundreds of full-length free movies. The site doesn’t contain any pop-up ads. But, some commercial breaks appear during watching movies.

Crackle is unavailable in some countries. If it’s showing blank screen after opening site, that’s mean site is not available in your country. But, still, you can use proxy sites to watch or stream movies.

4. Go Movies.

GoMovies is one of best free movie streaming sites. And, this site is similar to Cartoon HD. Because GoMovies provides the latest movies to watch online for free. But, I found some movies are in CamPrint. Or I can say some movies are available illegally on this site. Means, the site owner doesn’t have permission to show those movies. But, if you ignore these things about this site, then you will find this site very useful. Go Movies 123 Movies

In this site, not only you can watch movies, but also TV Series available. Region-based content also available on this site, you can choose from many countries. Go Movies have an inbuilt night mode, which changes site theme into black color. Like Cartoon HD, this site also allows watching movies from multiple servers. Overall, it is the best free site to watch the latest movie online.

5. Titanium TV App.

As I mentioned, there aren’t many sites to watch or stream movies online. That’s why I am adding an App in this article. If you ever used the Terrarium TV App. Then you might aware, that App got shut down. And, Titanium TV App is the mirror of that App. You can install Titanium TV App on your Android TV or Fire Stick devices. And, can watch movies and TV Shows on the big screen for free.Titanium TV App

The App allows watching movies in MX Player and VLC Player. If you’re not using any player, then you can try built-in ExoPlayer. Though, the App is famous for watching TV Shows. But, there is a Movies section also. In which you can find the latest movies collection. You can also select video quality before playing it. The App basically provides multiple servers to watch a movie. Overall, this is the best App after MoviesJoy Site.

Summing up: Movie Streaming Sites.

That’s it. These are the best movies streaming sites, which allows watching movies online. Although, some really good sites are blocked currently like Share Movies. That’s why it’s not a good idea to mention some mirror site. Although, In Cartoon HD site, you will get all movies that you want to watch. And, if you want to watch movies on mobile, then download the Titanium TV app.