Best Windows 10 Equalizer for Better Sound

Windows 10 equalizer

An equalizer is a sound engineering tool, that helps to adjust the output of different frequencies. For music lovers (Audiophiles), EQ is definitely a useful tool to manage audio frequencies. If you’re looking for a Windows 10 equalizer, then this article will end your search here. Yes, Microsoft offers few audio enhancement options, but that is not enough for everyone. With the default EQ, you get only a few options like Bass Boost, Virtual Surround, Room Correction, and Loudness Equalization. Definitely, these will give some basic tweaks to audio output. Though, if you’re using Realtek drivers, then you can get some good equalization options.

What is Audio Equalizer?

If you don’t know what equalizer or equalization is – Equalizers are software or hardware filters that allow to equalize or adjust the loudness of specific frequencies. In past, many hardware instruments were required to balance audio frequencies. But now the same work can be done, by using some equalizer software.

Equalizer also lets you cut or boost/enhance the levels of specific audio frequency ranges. Basically does provides more granular control of the sound volume. Yes, there are many equalizer Apps or Tools available for Windows that can help to perform equalizing tasks in just a few seconds. But first, you have to make sure that your audio drivers are up-to-date.

Instruction to check or update audio drivers.

1. First, right-click on the start button of Windows 10, then from the menu, click on Device Manager.

(Or you can press Windows+X hotkey to open the WinX menu)

2. Now in the device manager, double click on the “Sound, video and game controllers” to expand all installed sound drivers.

3. To check the driver is updated or not – Right-click on the installed driver and select the Update driver option.

4. In update drivers setup windows click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

5. Done, Now windows will automatically search and update new sound drivers.

If you’ve built a PC recently, then go to the motherboard manufacturer site and download and install the audio driver manually. Similarly, laptop users can go to the laptop manufacturer site, to download audio drivers.

Windows 10: Equalizer For Better Sound.

Default Windows 10 Audio Equalizer

Yes, as I mentioned earlier in the article Windows 10 comes with few Audio Equalization options. So, before moving to some third-party apps, let’s get to know how you can access those. Though, the older version of Windows used to come with graphic Realtek EQ. But now you will get Microsoft’s Audio Equalizer. Because Realtek has created a distinguish App for Audio equalizer. But for Microsoft Equalizer, the Microsoft High Definition Audio driver should be active.

Follow these steps to access the default windows 10 audio equalizer.

1. Right-click on the speaker icon and then click on Open Sound settings.

Open Sound Settings Windows 10 Equalizer

2. Windows 10 settings App will get open, make sure correct audio output device is selected. And then click on Device properties.

Sound Device Properties Windows 10

3. Click on Additional device properties. (You”ll find the option under Related Settings.)

Additional device properties

4. Speaker properties window will get open click on Enhancements.

5. If the Enhancement provider is Microsoft then you will get only four equalization options. Select any enhancement of your choice and then click on Apply.

Microsoft Audio Enhancement - Default Windows 10 Equalizer

Though, If the Realtek driver is installed for your speaker. Then, you might get an equalizer by Realtek. That comes with ten band equalizers – pop, live, rock, bass, jazz, club, treble, vocal, classical, and country.

1. In the Enhancements tab, you can see few sound effects list.

2. From the list, mark the Equalizer option and then click on it once to select it.

3. After selecting the equalizer option, you will able to see some setting options.

Mark on equalizer

4. From there you can choose a different band equalizer. And, to access Graphic EQ, click on the three dots (…) button.

band equalizer option

With this default equalizer, you can balance sound from 31 dB to 16k dB. The sound effect you will select or customize, manually will get applied to all system sounds.

Graphic EQ

But, the bad part about this default equalizer is, every time you need to go through the whole process to make changes. That’s the reason, I suggest you check out other free equalizers for windows 10.

Realtek Audio Console

If the Realtek Equalizer option is missing in the enhancement tab. Then you can install Realtek Audio Control App from Microsoft Store. This App provides the best audio experience with Realtek Audio Codec. Basically, you can control all audio device settings in the App. Though, if you’ve installed the latest audio drivers, then this App will get auto-installed. The best part is there is a sound effect section in App. In which 13 equalizers available to select.

1. Install Realtek Audio Control App from Microsoft Store.

2. Open App, and then from the left pane, click on “Realtek Digital Output”.

Here you will find the Equalizer section. From the drop-down menu, you can select any equalizer of your choice.

Realtek Audio Console - Windows 10 Equalizer

Even, you can manually control sound frequency. Also, you can select an audio environment as well.

Equalizer APO – Windows 10 equalizer

If you’re looking for the global sound equalizer, Which can work system-wide. Then it is the best windows 10 equalizer, for you. This tool not only allows you to balance sound, but you can also enhance the quality of the sound. While installing the tool or software it allows to choose device and channel configuration. Also, the APO tool detects automatically, which device of yours supports APO and Which not.Equalizer APO

This tool also comes with the Graphic EQ feature, which comes with two bands 15 and 30. The software comes with an analysis panel, which shows real-time peak gain, latency, and CPU usage. The software comes with low latency and low CPU usage, which makes it suitable for interactive applications. It supports the VTS plugin and can be integrated into the Voicemeeter. The installation process of this software is basic and you can do it yourself easily.

But, One thing you need to know – the software doesn’t create any shortcut, to access software directly. You need to go into the installation directory to run the program. In the installation directory use Configurator to select the device. (reboot required after selecting the device) And you can equalize sound using the editor application, which appears in the installation directory.

Download APO Equalizer

Realtek HD Audio Manager

Like default equalizer, Windows 10 comes with DTS audio control or Realtek HD audio manager. Although you will get the same options that you get in Realtek Audio Console. This open-source equalizer allows the user to change sound settings for playback devices and recording devices. This equalizer also comes with ten bands graphic equalizer, you can also manually equalize sound. This audio manager also allows canceling background noise, using the “adaptive noise reduction” feature.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

As I mentioned before, it comes preinstalled, So you don’t need to download it. To access this sound equalizer follow this small instruction.

  1. First, Go to this computer directory C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA
  2. Now, run the RtkNGUI64.exe file, to launch Realtek HD Audio Manager.

It comes with a 31 dB to 16L dB band range, Which makes it, the best equalizer for PC. The software comes with environment presets options, including underwater, pipe, forest, room, and many others. Like APO, speaker configuration also available, you can configure speaker settings in stereo, 5.1 speakers, and Quadraphonic. This advanced option doesn’t come with a default HD audio manager, you need to download the updated version of it.

Viper’s Audio

It is another open-source best music equalizer for PC. The installation procedure of this Windows 10 equalizer is similar to equalizer APO. The software comes with three-mode – music, movie, and freestyle. You can also set Pre-Volume and Post-Volume from -120.00 dB to 15.56 dB. The surround sound option allows choosing room sizes from smallest, small, mid-size, large, and largest. The software comes with a compressor and equalizer option, an equalizer allows to balance sound from 65dB to 20k dB.ViPER4Windows

Also, it comes with some preset equalizer – super bass, soft bass, rock music, classical, pop, jazz, and many more. You can also load external preset and can save preset created by you. You can also find out some advanced options like 3D surround sound and convolver. After installing ViPER’s Audio, it asks to choose the audio device and to reboot the system. Once you reboot the system you can access the equalizer by going into the installation directory. To open the equalizer, run ViPER4WindowsCtrlPanel.exe, and you can start using the equalizer.

Voicemeeter Banana

Voicemeeter Banana is another free equalizer for Windows. It is basically Advanced Audio Mixer Application with Virtual I/O to mix and Virtual Audio Device. With Voicemeeter, you can manage any audio devices and apps. If you do lots of podcasts or upload videos on YouTube then you should definitely try Voicemeeter Banana Application.

Voice Meter

Well yes, this App is not an equalizer only, it is an audio mixer to adjust audio output as well as input. So, if you’re using Discord, Twitch, or any podcast application, then with Voicemeeter Banana, you can make the sound less distorted and crisper. From the Master section, you can manage equalizer settings. This App is donationware, yes you don’t have to pay. But, if you like, then you can donate to developers.

Download Voicemeeter Banana

FxSound Enhancer. (Trial)

It is the replaced version of “DFX audio enhancer”, but still provides the same audio experience. FxSound brings you crystal clear sound, bass effects, and real-time music optimization. Also, it provides a studio-quality music experience, without purchasing an expensive sound system. This audio equalizer tool also allows increase bass of your system, beyond your system capability. The installation procedure is easy like normal software installation.
The software run in the background and all you have to do is listen to music on Spotify. Or watch a video on YouTube to enjoy a good listening experience. It also comes with customizing equalizer tool and sound effects option. Overall, it is one of the best windows 10 audio equalizer Software.

Install FxSound Enhancer.

Summing – up.

Still many graphic equalizers available for Windows 10. But some of them come with the trial version and locked features. And, these mentioned equalizer is free and more than enough to balance sound. But if you’re still confused that, which equalizer, you should download it first. Then I suggest you try the default equalizer or Realtek Audio Console App. But if you need some advanced option then the best is ViPER’s Audio.