Akamai NetSession Client – All Information that you need to know

Akamai NetSession Client

Ok, So you found a suspicious program, installed on your Computer named “Akamai NetSession Client”. But, before start telling you about Akamai Net Session. The first thing I would like to tell you, it’s not a virus or malware. Now maybe you’re thinking if it’s not a virus or malware, then how this program got installed on your computer.

This program gets installed with your permission, Akamai NetSession comes in a bundle with other software. Maybe recently you have installed any software or games, and while installation you forgot to unmark it. That’s why, Akamai NetSession Interface got installed on your Computer, With your permission. Mostly, this program gets installed on your PC, When you update the Adobe flash player.

What is Akamai NetSession Client?.

Akamai is a software company that offers servers to other companies. Many popular sites use Akamai servers, to provide audio/video content to users. Akamai Net session is Peer-to-peer technology. Which helps the user to download content from other users’ computers. When you request content from the Akamai server, it first searches into computers of other users like You. Overall, Akamai Net Session Interface is a download manager, that helps to increase net speed and download quality.

Why it’s making my PC Slow?.

As I mentioned above, it searches into computers of other Users. That’s the reason, it also allows other users to download files from your PC. It helps users to watch videos and audio streams, smoothly and quickly. If you have a limited internet pack, then you should definitely remove this program. Because it uses your internet connection bandwidth, to upload content from your Computer.

Is Akamai NetSession Client upload my personal data?.

If it’s installed for weeks, and now you’re worried about your privacy, then you no need to worry. Akamai is a very popular company, and a client program never collects or uploads the personal data of the user. It only uploads requested data from the program or Game file.

For example – If you have updated a program from the Akamai server, and when the other user does request for the same program file. Then Akamai NetSession client does upload file data from your computer. And, It is somehow beneficial for both Users. But if you don’t want to be part of this, then you are free to remove it.

How does Akamai NetSession Client or Interface works?.

Now, you know about Akamai NetSession Interface. But still, you don’t know how it works?. And is it useful for your Computer or not? OK, So now I will clear all your doubts. And, I will try to provide all the required information regarding this.

  • It captures information from the Computer, (In which Akamai Net session Client is Installed) and uploads it on Akamai Servers.
  • And, Akamai uses that information for network monitoring purposes. Also, information is used in network troubleshooting.
  • It uses, the bandwidth of your Computer When you don’t use your internet connection.
  • And does upload data and files (Except Personal Data) on other Computer. (In which same client software is installed)
  • Mainly, Akamai Net Session Interface does upload data of Games Files.

For Example – If in your computer Akamai NetSession Client is installed. And, if someone requests for a Game file Which is available on your computer. Then Akamai NetSession does upload that file from your Computer.

It is also used as Software patching Services. Many Games developer do release new patches every Week. And, It’s hard to provide the update to all users at once. So, Developers use Akamai Net Session Interface, It helps to provide patches to users.

Can I uninstall the Akamai Net Session Client?.

Without talking diplomatic, In one word is telling you – “yes” you can uninstall it. Although, this program is secure, and comes with SSL security. But this program gets installed secretly on people’s computers., Which makes it suspicious. The official site of Akamai tells many benefits of this program, But I think it’s useless. Because sending any kind of data without users’ permission isn’t a good thing. Since Windows doesn’t require this program to work, so you can uninstall it.

How to Stop or Uninstall the Akamai NetSession Program.

One thing you need to remember that when you stop or uninstall this program. All background downloading and uploading processes will get stopped, because software is correlated to the Internet. So, you might have to restart your computer. Well, you can stop any Application in Windows using Task Manager.

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination to open Task Manager.

2. Once, task manager gets open, find netsession_win.exe process and do right-click on it. And, then click on End task.

3. Program will now close temporarily. But when you restart Windows, the program will get open again. So, go to the Startup tab in Task Manager.

4. And, Right-click on the program and click on disable.

OK, So you want to uninstall this software from your PC. Good decision, Just follow these small steps to uninstall it. This program doesn’t get installed, permanently on your computer. So uninstallation process is simple like other Windows or Mac programs.

1. Open Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Right Click on Akamai NetSession Client and select uninstall option.

2. Or, go to Settings > Apps > look for the Akamai program, and click on it > Uninstall > Uninstall.

3.  If due to some reason, you’re not able to uninstall it, then boot Windows 10 in safe mode.


It is safe to keep this program installed on your PC, but also not recommended. That’s why it is completely up to you, to remove or keep. And, It isn’t malware, It’s just software that allows to share and receive data quickly from other’s computer. And, If you still want to know any other information regarding Net Session, feel free to comment.